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Trying to Go Offline

Life is short – especially for my wife, who’s barely five feet tall. The years race by, we waste time, and before you know it, we discover we’ve missed out on what’s important in life: pizza. Add to this reality…

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Glossy News Has Some Other Amazing Projects! Here are Just a Few!

Dear friends and fans of Glossy News: Yesterday we reminded you about our exciting Facebook page and Patreon: please do generously support our amazing writers! But today, we’d like to tell you about some other amazing things! First of all,…

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Why Do People Keep Breaking the Internet, and How Can We Get Them to Stop?

You would think that something could be broken only so many times, but apparently when it comes to the Internet, the laws of (meta)physics make an exception. Every few days.

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How Did I Get our Facebook Page to Take Off? Advice for Bloggers…

It’s very important for satire sites to get a page on Facebook. So it’s not surprising that Glossy News has our own Facebook page. (Don’t forget to like it, after you’ve shared this article!) But for quite a while, our…

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Facebook Funeral for Computer Game Enthusiast

TOLEDO – Zed Rigby, 65, a life-long computer game enthusiast, died in his home in Toledo, Ohio last Monday. Mr. Rigby leaves behind no family or actual friends, but a number of his virtual friends are now engaged in virtual…

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