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Ford Unveils Tesla Killer: Better by Every (Meaningless) Metric

Tesla likes to call themselves the leader in Electric Cars just because they have sold more than any other brand by unit as well as total sales dollars. Well Ford just made things interesting with their latest Tesla-Killer, and it…

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Scientists Opine Impeachment Could Cause President to Spontaneously Combust

Doctors across the country are warning everyone close to the President to watch for signs of spontaneous combustion due to the heat he is receiving after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report reveals there were crimes committed by Trump during the…

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Trying to Go Offline

Life is short – especially for my wife, who’s barely five feet tall. The years race by, we waste time, and before you know it, we discover we’ve missed out on what’s important in life: pizza. Add to this reality…

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Scientists Discover World’s First Solid Rainbow!

Image source: Pixabay Scientists have long been of the consensus that the technicolour semi-circles that often appear in the sky during times of precipitation are nothing more than refractions of light off raindrops. But now all those years of research…

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The Gift

The alien spaceship is less than one million miles from Earth. Three aliens are seated in the cockpit, looking through the large horizontal window as they approach the planet. Above the window a large display screen shows a close up…

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Elitist Aliens? UFO Abductors Finally Turn Their Backs on Rural Working Class!

Moreauville, LA-  “I was heading up State Route 1 from Baton Rouge, after visiting my sister and her kids. It was getting pretty late, and I’d had a couple of brews before I’d left, so when I seen the bright…

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