No Such Thing as “Food Allergy”

Often we have heard of people who will tell you they are allergic to certain foods. Sometimes as a way to dodge eating certain foods that they do not like. Well, some see it as a thing that is just fancy to say, (the things that people in this world do).

However, not everyone has a flimsy excuse for trying to avoid to eat something. For other people, these allegations are actually true. Or least they think they are. Okay, what are we saying? People that consume certain foods and react to them and react, automatically see them as foreign food in their bodies. Read more No Such Thing as “Food Allergy”


Disney Acquires Scientology, Pushes for Billion Year Copyright

In a move surprising several, Disney-ABC Television Group lodged a hostile takeover of Scientology on Monday, acquiring the majority of outstanding shares for $3.6 billion, excluding real estate assets, a 14% premium over Friday closing value.

The move affords Disney, a de-facto religion in practice, official recognition as a non-profit organization, which is expected to save them the remaining $19 in federal taxes they’ve never actually paid on average since a thousand billions before they made their first trillion.

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10 Steps To Help You Launch A Boat Successfully

Sometimes you might get blocked by another boat on the ramp while trying to launch yours. This can be really annoying. All boaters should learn the common boat etiquette. Most of these rules and etiquette are not laid down anywhere. Every boater should know them as a matter of basic human reasoning. Knowing these rules makes the boating process easy and fun for everyone. Visit the for more boating tips. The following are the basic and unspoken boating rules and etiquettes you should adhere to: Read more 10 Steps To Help You Launch A Boat Successfully


Sharpen Your Pens! Glossy News Wants Your Poems… & Here are a Few Examples to Whet your Appetites!

Glossy News has plenty of room for poetry: serious poetry, yes, but especially satire! Or sometimes even serious (i.e. sober satire).

Email the managing editor on if you want to contribute.

Here are a few ideas to set you off:

The Knives of Athenry

The Satirist has some very high quality satire indeed, so even to have been published there twice feels good.

The poem doesn’t feel good though. It’s a rewriting of a famous Irish folk song.

My wish is that it may be seen to  capture some of the pain and anguish and bittersweet hopefulness of the original

By a lonely Irish ward, I heard an infant wailing
“Mammy, they said they’re taking me away,
For the people repealed the 8th
To be cut in pieces is my fate
Mammy, save me, or I’ll never see the light of day!”

Utterly horrific, and not exactly the ‘funny’ kind of satire, to say the least.

But then again, satire doesn’t have to be funny.

Sometimes all you can to is groan in pain.

The Knives of Athenry: A Not So Humorous Satire on an Irish Folk Ballad

In Syria Did Cameron

Oh look, it’s everybody’s favourite accidentally-alleged pig-fancier! No porkies, Dave!

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Team-Building Activities for the Upcoming Corporate Party

It’s the end of the year 2018, and we are all happy to be hosting and attending Christmas parties. Being an attendee is easy, you only have to show up, have some fun and leave the place. Ask the party planners how they feel. They pour their souls into the event and hope for the best results.

Corporate parties have different gathering purposes. These events answer for the motivation of the workers, planning future strategic steps, and creating a better bond within team members. In this article, we will discuss several activities that go well with team-building purposes for this Christmas party. Read more Team-Building Activities for the Upcoming Corporate Party


How Home Designers Can Learn From Online Casinos

No, you haven’t misread the headline; there really is a connection between the way that an online casino website lays out its offerings, and the way that leading interior designers should think about arranging rooms and features inside a modern home. We realize that’s a bold statement, but don’t worry. We’re going to prove it to you. Read more How Home Designers Can Learn From Online Casinos


What Jumanji Can Teach You When it comes to Forex Trading

When it comes to improving your forex game, inspiration can come from many different sources. While many traders focus exclusively on the trading screens in a bid to improve their trading ability, sometimes the big screen can offer helpful inspiration too. There are of course many obvious trading films which might be running through your mind now, but sometimes you need to look further afield. One film that has some particularly relevant lessons is “Jumanji.” Here’s what Jumanji can teach you about forex trading.

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Shades Of Feminism In Video Games

It is no doubt that feminism has permeated every corner of the world and every aspect of our lives. The virtual world of video games – considered to be a male stronghold dominion is no exception. But ever since its inception the general theme of video games have always revolved around the male characters and female characters have been reduced to powerless props of glamour. This has been the sparking point for the debate on the need for female-oriented video games.

When people like Developer Jean-Max Morris of Remember Me came forward to change this and approached publishers with a narrative, it was rejected plainly because it had a female character at the helm instead of a male. Publishers are of the opinion that games with female leads aren’t going to succeed. But statistics concur otherwise, with 48% of gamers being female, there is definitely great demand for feminist video games which is ignored by the majority of game developers.

Trends Spotted in the Gaming Industry

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What Makes Malta Such a ‘Hot’ Holiday Destination?

At just 316 square kilometers, Malta is one of the smallest sovereignties in the world. But, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages and the size of the European country hasn’t stopped millions of tourists from falling in love with the country. According to the NationalStatistics Office of the Maltese Islands, in 2017, the region saw a record number of visitors. 2,273,837 tourists visited Malta in 2017, which represents an increase of 15.7% when compared to 2016. In fact, December 2017 alone saw a 14.7% increase in tourists to December 2016.
But it’s not just the charm of this tiny, not-so-hidden gem that brings all the people to Malta. The Maltese Islands have lots to offer, so let’s take a closer look at what makes them so popular.

Historical Sites

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Do You Need a Private Investigator?

Corruption, fraud and dishonesty. These are some of the evils lying behind many people in the world. From looking at the face, you might think they’re clean, but behind the scenes, they are draining you like a vampire.

How can you find out beforehand?

Through the services of a trained private investigator which you can find at With their help, you can uncover identity thieves, corporateespionage, romance scams and false companies among others.

  1. Identity Theft

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How to Capitalize on the Benefits of Screen Recording

Although screen recording is not new and has been around for some time, most people don’t really take advantage of what it can do. The fact of the matter is that screen recording has a lot of benefits and you could capitalize on them in various ways.

Understanding What Screen Recording Can Do

Part of the problem is that people tend to have a fixed view of what screen recording is, and more importantly what it can do. To be more specific, when you think ‘screen recording’ odds are you immediately associate it with the video guides that are often created using it.

On a basic level however, screen recording is really just a tool that will enable you to record whatever happens to be on your screen. While it is true that can be used to create video content (such as guides or tutorials), it can also be used to save content.

If you want to capitalize on the benefits of screen recording, you should be using it in both of those ways – and that will open up some fairly interesting options.

Ways That Screen Recording Can Be Used

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Brexit Britain is Easy Fodder for Satirists: but They Should Learn from 18th-Century Masters How to do it Properly

File 20181008 72117 16pza3c.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Artwork courtesy of Richard LIttler (

Adam J Smith, York St John University

If you thought satire was dead in the age of Brexit and Trump, then a quick look at social media should pretty quickly disabuse you of that illusion. Search “Festival of Brexit Britain” if you want a picture of satire’s bright future. Theresa May’s recent announcement that she wants the UK to hold a national festival in 2022 to celebrate leaving the EU prompted an avalanche of humorous memes – including the illustration by the artist Richard Littler at the top of this article.

The question is, though: are we witnessing a revival of satire as a far more prolific and potent form than ever before – or, because of the sheer numbers of people using social media to try to make humorous points, are we seeing its dilution to the point of redundancy? Read more