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Trump is Right – Proof that the Election is Rigged

Trump is Right – Proof that the Election is Rigged

Donald Trump has alleged the 2016 presidential election has been rigged against him and that the only possible way he can lose will be because of fraud and collusion. As a noted investigative reporter, I felt it was my journalistic duty to check into these shocking allegations and uncover whether his claims could be substantiated. It turns out Donald Trump is correct. The election IS rigged against him. The proof is extensive and conclusive.

First, Trump claims the liberal media has conspired to make him look bad – using nothing more than his own words – and the words of over a dozen female accusers – against him. But Trump argues vehemently that all of his female accusers are lying. And whose word are you going to believe, anyway? Their claims that Trump sexually assaulted them by kissing and groping them without their permission? Or Trump’s words claiming he routinely kisses and gropes women without their permission? Trump further adds that the media hasn’t devoted any coverage to what he speculates are numerous sex scandals involving Hillary with attractive younger male models. “It’s so unfair,” argues Trump.

Trump also has alleged that he has evidence there will be rampant voting fraud on election day at many polling locations. He may be right about this. From my research, I’ve uncovered evidence there could be literally millions of people conspiring to secretly enter voting locations scattered throughout the country, after which they’ll close the curtains to hide their clandestine actions before surreptitiously pulling the lever for the enemy candidate. And from what I can tell, there is no one – other than Trump – attempting to stop them.

rigged election - TrumpIn addition, Donald Trump now claims there is a massive covert conspiracy of international bankers, foreign powers, powerful oligarchs, Mark Cuban, former Trump University students and approximately 2,700 attractive women Trump may or may not have hit on between 1975 and approximately two hours before I published this article, all plotting to steal the election for Hillary. Exactly how all of these disparate forces are coordinating their efforts to commit this election fraud will be revealed shortly after the election, when Trump launches his new populist conspiracy news network, TRUMP TV.

Further evidence of election rigging: I’ve uncovered conclusive proof the Democrats created a series of brainwashing messages (campaign commercials) featuring old tapes of Trump saying things that admittedly are rather incriminating – such as “Mexican immigrants are rapists” and “John McCain was not a war hero”. While Trump did in fact make all these comments, in his defense, he had no idea at the time that months later people would be stupid enough to select him as the Republican presidential nominee. So he blames his supporters for their lapses in judgement.

I also have newly revealed indications that the electoral math may be rigged. It appears that with few exceptions, almost all the states that prefer Hillary (California, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania) will be assigned more electoral votes than those states that prefer Trump (North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Arkansas, etc.) Trump has argued this is totally unfair and was obviously implemented in this election specifically to give Hillary more votes. He tweeted this morning, “What did West Virginia ever do to deserve such second class electoral status?”

There is now irrefutable proof that the Russians are trying to alter the outcome of this year’s presidential race by releasing thousands of embarrassing emails right before the election. By doing so they are attempting to trash Trump’s reputation with outright lies to – [excuse me. What did you say? The Russians are trying to embarrass HILLARY to help TRUMP win the election? Seriously?] Like I was saying, Donald Trump thinks Vladimir Putin is a great leader and doesn’t believe bogus claims that Russia might be trying to hack Hillary’s emails. Utter nonsense.

rigged election - electoral mapIn hindsight, it appears the debates were fixed against Trump, too. While Trump was trying to Make America Great Again by holding rallies in front of throngs of adoring, angry low-information voters, Hillary was cheating by fiendishly doing extensive debate prep BEFORE the debates even took place. Nobody informed Mr. Trump the debate questions were going to be so hard. He has requested a debate do-over, but so far, none of the networks has replied. He plans to sue – everybody.

Trump also has new evidence to back up his previous claim that Ted Cruz’s father was part of a conspiracy to kill JFK. I’m not quite sure how this has anything to do with manipulating 2016’s election. Perhaps he just wanted to take another dig at that annoying Ted Cruz. Who can blame him?

It’s now abundantly clear that the Hillary for President conspiracy is far more widespread than initially suspected. Trump has evidence that suggests the DNC has gone so far as to bribe thousands of corrupt judges all over this great land to allow millions of dangerous and shady characters to vote who Trump feels have no right to vote, specifically the following nefarious, notoriously radical extremist fringe groups: Muslims, Hispanics, blacks, women, gays, and anyone with more than a 6th grade education.

From my exhaustive research, I’m able to report that it appears Hillary Clinton has in fact conspired to get millions of Americans to vote against Trump – apparently bribing them with “I’M WITH HER” buttons – by spewing a series of egregious lies about Trump, painting him as an arrogant, thin-skinned, vengeful, unstable, authoritarian, lying, bullying narcissist, racist, and misogynist billionaire, whose only goal is self-aggrandizement and adulation. But most of this is simply not true – and by “most of this” I mean, of course, the part about Trump being a billionaire.

When asked whether he will accept the outcome of the election, Trump said it depends on whether or not he loses. But if he does lose, he plans to file a multi-trillion-dollar lawsuit, suing every person who played a part in causing his electoral defeat. Trump campaign advisers have suggested in that case, he might want to start by suing himself.

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Theresa May to Rename Conservative Party ‘National-Socialist Party’

Theresa May to Rename Conservative Party ‘National-Socialist Party’

After her recent ‘success’ with the notorious Snooper’s Charter, Theresa ‘Jihadi Tess’ May is now planning to conduct yet another Cameroneque image change for her right-wing party, the Conservatives.

One anonymous source close to the eagle’s mouth tells me:

You ever notice? It’s so simple, I’m surprised you filthy pleb scum haven’t worked it out by now.

Theresa May is an authoritarian warmonger who rails (in a largely unconvincing and tokenistic manner) against entrenched economic privilege. Kind of like socialism-lite, but a lot more nationalistic and less rigorously economic progressive than many socialists.

Now, I do wonder if we could come with a name for that? How about National Socialism? I think that would probably get the measure of her.

Still, no need to worry, old chap. All you need to do is keep your head down and stay out of trouble.

Well unless, needless to say, the poofs, the trannies, the Jews, the Muzzies, the spackers, the dykes, the unions, the this, the that, the this, the that…

I went to ask former not so strong leader Dave ‘Gaveston Dave’ Cameron for a comment but he was too busy stuffing his pig, uh, stuffing his face with pig in an elite establishment in Oxford.

Good times comin’.

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Muslims Report Stuff

Muslims Report Stuff

At the second presidential debate, a Muslim member of the Town Hall audience asked Donald Trump what could be done to reduce the intense level of Islamophobia. Trump replied with what many Americans think is an outstanding solution to address these concerns and help Make America Safe Again: “We have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on.”

What a brilliant idea. It appears Muslims by the thousands are embracing his advice – by taking to Twitter to report anything they witness in their Muslim community that seems suspicious. There’s even a Twitter hashtag they’ve created: #MuslimsReportStuff (honest!). Below are some tweets typical of what you’ll find there.

I, for one, can’t thank Donald Trump enough for his inspired idea to enlist Muslims in keeping America safe – from Muslims. They seem to be doing a fantastic job so far. Keep up the great work, everybody!

[Author’s disclaimer: The tweets posted below are all made up by me, Tim Jones, and do not represent actual tweets from actual Muslims. To see actual tweets, go to Twitter and search on #MuslimsReportStuff.]
muslim tweetA
muslim tweetBmuslim tweetC

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One Act Tumblr Play: Obama Gets Friendzoned!

One Act Tumblr Play: Obama Gets Friendzoned!

It’s always fun to write a One Act Tumblr play; that particular social media site is perfect for this kind of writing! Here’s one of mine:

Obama: Hey, I really like that country, but I’m not gonna do the running. Let her come to me first.

Heh heh… I’m just such a smart guy! I am just one DAMN SMART COOKIE! Well, it’s not up to me to chase her. I’m gonna let her see how much she needs me first.





[Tittering and snickering in the background]

Obama: … Oh. Shit. Well. What a prissy, stuck-up bitch! Guess she just doesn’t know what she’s missing.


More global friendzoning here (two-parter):

Psst… If you would like to contribute to a humorous One Act Tumblr Play compilation for 2017, please email

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The Peace Criminals Manifesto

The Peace Criminals Manifesto

The Peace Criminals Project is run by Wallace Runnymede and Appleseed Ike. But we are always looking for new writers to contribute!

In the UK, USA, and many other countries that are subservient to the neoconservative/liberal interventionist consensus, every citizen is a bare object.

A nondescript lump of raw material for voyeuristic inspection and ‘surveillance’ by the ‘Authorities.’

But the old Platonic question may be asked, may it not?…

Who will survey the surveyors?

The anarchists of Big Data, like the bloody-robed tyrant of Shelley’s poem, and of whom Slavoj Zizek speaks so evocatively are God, and King, and Law!

They obey no Constitution; the ancient liberties of England, the traditional British rule of law, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and that little ‘scrap of paper’ known as the 4th Amendment.

In a land where every citizen is a potential criminal, every principled liberal is a potential terrorist, every living Muslim is a potential jihadist, every Jewish peacenik is a potential sellout, every consistent conservative is a possible traitor, every ethical democratic socialist is a potential enemy of democracy… In such a time and in such a space, is it surprising that opponents of liberal interventionism and its defenders are held up as criminals against the peace?

Is it any wonder that the antagonists of neoconservatism and its apologists are the true malefactors, and not the civilized barbarians?

Do not accept it. Do not ever surrender. Grassroots opposition, peaceful protest, serious study, irreverent critique: these are the four pillars of the Peace Criminals.

Will you join our theoretical and artistic backlash against the Stormtroopers of the Greater Good?

It is a backlash which entirely repudiates physical violence by all sides, and which fully encourages and supports rhetorical and artistic assaults against the established consensus.

We will not be the slaves of Washington, of Paris, of London, or of the global armaments industry.

We believe in secular liberal parliamentary democracy and reasonable centrist politics.

We believe that argumentation and satire are both the weapons of the morally strong, and violence is the first and last resort of the morally impoverished, the weak, and the cowardly.

It is not us who are the ‘dewy-eyed idealists who cannot face reality.’ On the contrary. It is the Warmongering Establishment who are pursuing grand schemes and tilting at phantom bugbears.

Do not accept it.

Support Peace!

Support Protest!

Support Criticism!

Support Satire!

Support Freedom of Speech, Liberty of Expression, Equality of all Peoples!

Be a Peace Criminal.



Please keep following Neocon Surveillance. More commentary, polemics and (best of all) some rather brutal satire!

See, in particular, the ongoing novel serial about a US election in the near future. A new chapter of Honest Adolph appears every Monday from 15.30 onwards, Irish/UK time. Some weeks we have more than one instalment per chapter; these follow at 10 min intervals.

If you want to make a pitch or a submission, please email

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Hillary Clinton To Make Direct Appeal To Less-Educated, White, Male Voters

Hillary Clinton To Make Direct Appeal To Less-Educated, White, Male Voters

In the final run-up to the US presidential elections, Hillary Clinton is hoping to ensure victory by winning-over the one demographic group that Donald Trump has yet failed to insult or alienate.

That group consists of white American men without a college degree. Much of the threat posed by Donald Trump comes from this group who represented nearly half of all voters in 2012.

A draft transcript of Clinton’s forthcoming speech has been obtained by this site and is reproduced below:

Today, I want to speak to a very important section of our society. I want to address those whose hard work and self-sacrifice made America the great country it is today.

I’m referring, of course, to you uneducated, white guys.

I want you all to put down those cans of beer, burgers and bottles of mayonnaise and listen to me for five minutes before you next go out to buy meth or shoot someone.

The future of America is in your hands, and I believe that you all need to take that responsibility very seriously.

I want you to think for a minute about the demographic – that’s a big word that means the group in society – to which you belong. You are uneducated white males. The clue’s in the name.

It might not be your fault that you’re not so smart. Maybe inbreeding or other factors mean you didn’t start out very bright. It’s the way things have turned out, however, and it would be as crazy to deny that as it would be to deny you are fellow Americans.

I’m not saying you’re not wonderful, hardworking guys. Our great country would collapse tomorrow if it wasn’t for all the unskilled, menial jobs you do. I want you to imagine, however, that you needed brain surgery. Would you ask a buddy to do it or would you try to find an educated doctor? If you were taking a plane, would you want an educated pilot to fly it or would you be happy for Homer Simpson to give it a go?

I’m willing to bet that, after you’d thought as hard as you could about it, at least half of you would want your brain surgeon or pilot to be educated, even if your buddy would do the job for a pack of beers.

I want those of you who would choose an educated brain surgeon or pilot to now ask yourselves why you would make that choice.

Would it be because an educated brain surgeon or pilot would know what they were doing? Maybe you think you’d have a better chance of surviving the operation or the flight.

Voting for a president is like doing brain surgery or flying that plane. There are a lot of complicated things to think about when you’re a president, and working out who could do the job best is really hard.

I’m appealing to all you uneducated white guys not to vote on November 8.

If a loved one needed that brain surgery, you’d owe it to them to get the very best surgeon. Each of you really know, deep in your hearts, that you wouldn’t be clever enough to be certain of picking the right person.

It’s just the same with this great land we all love. You owe it to your kids, your family, this wonderful country and the world, to not even try thinking about picking a president.

I say again to you all: “don’t vote”. Leave big choices to those with better brains.

America needs you to just stay in bed, watch TV and have another beer on November 8.

You know it’s the right thing to do.

You know, deep down, that it’s what God wants you to do.

Thank you.

God bless America.

God bless America.

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BREAKING NEWS: Woman Claims Trump Didn’t Grope Her

BREAKING NEWS: Woman Claims Trump Didn’t Grope Her

A woman from Broken Springs, Michigan has come forward to insist that Donald Trump has not groped her, despite many opportunities to do so. Allison McGregor, a 47-year-old housekeeper who used to work at Trump’s Mar-o Lago hotel/resort in Florida, told Fox News today that the real estate broker used to visit the hotel at least once a week and on exactly zero occasions did he sexually assault her. Continue Reading

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Conspiracy Theorists are Foolish: the ‘Hume’s Leap’ Fallacy

Conspiracy Theorists are Foolish: the ‘Hume’s Leap’ Fallacy


Some years ago, someone spoke with me about 9/11 conspiracy theories, and said that he ‘wouldn’t put it past them,’ or words to that effect.

This sentence from the person who spoke with me years ago, arguably shines a light on the problem with conspiracy theory nonsense, e.g. the myths of 9/11 Truthers, or of Holocaust denialists, or of those who fantasise about so-called ‘Cultural Marxism,’ ‘New World Order,’ ‘Neoliberalism,’ ‘Shapeshifting Lizards,’ ‘the Rockefellers,’ ‘the Zionist Lobby,’ ‘Eurabia,’ and so on. Continue Reading

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Republicans Praised for Reducing Stigma for Psychopaths

Republicans Praised for Reducing Stigma for Psychopaths

Dateline: WASHINGTON, D.C.–The National Institute of Mental Health congratulated the Republican Party for helping to accustom Americans to those with mental illness, by elevating obvious psychopaths to positions of high office.

Doctor Fernando Lamas, chairman of the Institute, said at a press conference that Republican voters have done the United States “a great service, showing more so-called progressive Americans that those with antisocial disorders–who are typically demonized in popular horror films–can be entrusted with political power as long as we shirk our civic duties and learn to keep lowering our standards for acceptable public behaviour.”

According to Dr. Lamas, the Republican Party began this initiative in the 1980s when Republicans found that they could concoct excuses for Ronald Reagan’s declining health, which he suffered due to an onset of Alzheimer’s. Prior to that, Republicans were embarrassed when President Nixon’s megalomania was unveiled by the Watergate scandal.

“But their reverence for the mentally ill really ramped up,” said Dr. Lamas, “when Republicans managed to keep a straight face as they elected George W. Bush as president. Perhaps inadvertently at first, but surely with a charitable intention thereafter, Republicans worked tirelessly to teach mentally healthy citizens not to ignore the deranged, as George Bush Jr.’s cornucopia of follies left the whole world dumbfounded.”

By excusing Bush’s daily embarrassments and epic fiascos, Republicans brought mental disorder out of the shadows. Dr. Lamas compared this Republican initiative to gay rights advocacy: “both Republicans and homosexuals flaunt their peculiarities, whether on the national political stage or in Gay Pride parades, forcing everyone else to become inured to that which they might once have loathed.

“After Bush there was Sarah Palin, John McCain’s vice presidential nominee. With her bizarre turns of phrase, her unabashed ignorance on all relevant matters, her clueless mix of Christianity, family values, and sociopathic Republican boilerplate, she took hysterical mean-spiritedness to a higher level.

“But it’s that party’s fearlessness in spotlighting such palpably-malignant personalities,” continued Dr. Lamas, “as though they could be entrusted with vast political power, that’s done wonders in removing the stigma from mental illness.” Republicans have been particularly generous with sociopaths, not just by thrusting them into mainstream discourse, but by “coaching them to be evermore lax in disguising their inhuman lack of empathy.”

“Sociopathy, an extreme form of Antisocial Personality Disorder, is a mainstay of the political world,” said Gwendolyn Bianca, political scientist at Fancypants University, who also spoke at the press conference. Bianca argued that since it’s axiomatic that power eventually corrupts even the most moral of individuals, we can expect that a disproportionate number of politicians (as well as businesspeople and other wealthy or powerful persons) lack the capacity to feel complex emotions.

“Conscience is a luxury they can’t afford,” said Bianca, “because a politician’s duty demands that he or she sacrifice others for the greater good, a burden that would be intolerable to anyone with some moral sense.”

Dr. Lamas said that because Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, has “given the game away, displaying no trace of shame or compassion, all Americans owe the Republican Party a debt of gratitude for its service to the mentally ill.”

Bianca added that “whereas Democratic leaders have opted for the traditional approach of hiding their elitist contempt for humanity behind feel-good messages and empty socialist promises, psychopathic Republicans have refused to sit at the back of the bus. Unlike Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton, whose antisocial personalities were formed when they were indoctrinated into the neoliberal technocracy and who thus mistake loss of conscience for exceptional rationality, Republican lunatics have shown no deference to the public’s prejudice against human predators.

“Republican elites wear their insanity on their sleeve, whereas Democratic politicians pretend to care about the little people. And bless the American voters for their bottomless tolerance for the absurd! Thanks to that recklessness, mental health issues have come to the fore, which has flooded mental health clinics across the nation with much-needed donations.”

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Glossy News Contributor Ebook Showcase 3: Jonathan Mitchell’s ‘The Mu Rhythm Bluff’

Glossy News Contributor Ebook Showcase 3: Jonathan Mitchell’s ‘The Mu Rhythm Bluff’

Here is the final ebook in this current run of showcases. We’ll have another run in the near future. Here, we have the autism advocate Jonathan Mitchell, and his novel the Mu Rhythm Bluff!


Some people are lucky at cards. Others are lucky at love. Drake Dumas is autistic and neither. He’s a 49-year-old virgin who loves to play poker and usually loses. He finds out about an experiment involving brain wave training and a revolutionary technique called Transcranial magnetic stimulation in order to help mitigate his autism. Though it does not seem to help his autism, right after the treatment he finds himself a genius at poker, consistently winning and able to read other players due to charged up “mirror neurons”, brain cells that intuit the actions and intentions of others, found to be deficient in autistic people. His luck also changes with women. However, whenever he seems to connect sexually with a woman, he loses his poker abilities. There does seem some truth in the old saying lucky at cards, unlucky at love for Drake. However, can having good poker skills entail danger for Drake. He encounters a beguiling journalist, interested in his talents, but can her knowledge and interest in Drake be threatening?

Drake must find a way to keep his poker abilities intact. He faces all of these challenges. In the process he will learn something about his autism, his attitudes toward it and love.


Mu Rhythm Bluff can be purchased on Amazon as an ebook:

and as a print book:

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Glossy News Contributor Ebook Showcase 1: Swan Morrison’s ‘Judgement Day’

Glossy News Contributor Ebook Showcase 1: Swan Morrison’s ‘Judgement Day’

For the next three days, we are showcasing three ebooks, from three Glossy News writers! First of all, here is ‘Judgment Day’ by Swan Morrison. Aside from his various humorous ebooks, Swan Morrison runs the site Short Humour. ‘Judgment Day’ is his most successful book up to now, and recently won a Silver Prize for Humor/Comedy Fiction, Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards.

This is a true story. To preserve confidentiality, however, all the characters, facts and circumstances have been changed.

When a meteorite destroyed a house in a sleepy, English village, no one could have predicted the chain of events that would lead Swan Morrison and Helen Hargreaves to romance and would ultimately propel them into an epic battle for the very survival of mankind.

How can one adequately describe a novel that is (in alphabetical order): an adventure filled; archaeological; comic; crime featuring; dramatic; erotic; espionage laced; horror tinged; political; religious; romantic; science fiction; supernatural thriller with philosophical, satirical and allegorical undertones?

This affectionate tribute to many classic storylines is where the writers of the Archers meet the creators of Indiana Jones meet Dan Brown meet John le Carré meet E. L. James meet Stephen King meet Isaac Asimov meet Barbara Cartland meet Harold Robbins meet Colin Dexter meet Ian Fleming meet Woody Allen meet Douglas Adams – to name just a very few.

Incorporating a diversity of themes and genres exceeding the works of Shakespeare, together with an exploration of the relationship between man and God that is comparable to the great religious texts – all skilfully woven into a breathtakingly complex plot – this ground-breaking, multi-genre masterpiece may yet be judged to be one of the finest works of literature ever written.

For more information on the book, including where to buy it, visit:

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Glossy News Contributor Ebook Showcase Starts Tomorrow!

Glossy News Contributor Ebook Showcase Starts Tomorrow!

For the next three days, we will be showcasing three ebooks. Each one is written by a Glossy News contributor. This is the first time we have tried such a showcase; needless to say, more will follow in the near future.

But from tomorrow onwards, enjoy the introductions to these humorous books by Swan Morrison, Rfreed and Jonathan Mitchell!


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“I, for one, am not an anti-Neoliberal!”

“I, for one, am not an anti-Neoliberal!”

On the one hand, people who claim neoliberalism exists say that Hayek thought capitalism and free markets could aid democracy, but if not, well too bad!

But on the other hand, people who claim neoliberalism exists say that Hayek was predicting an inevitable slide into servitude (rather than hypothesising about potential risks).

Which one is the true one?

The reason I don’t trust the usual lines of assertion and rhetoric regarding Hayek and Friedman is that people try to have it both ways. They want to associate Hayek and Friedman with the pernicious ‘Washington Consensus’ of crony capitalism, but they also want to be taken seriously as people acquainted with the writings of Hayek and Friedman.

But everyone who has read even a little Hayek and Friedman knows that they were at best deeply sceptical, and at worst pretty critical, of continental-level or global-level crony capitalist institutionalism.

As you can see already, I am not defending this or that element of what they have written; that’s not the point here. I am merely pointing out that any association of scholars sceptical of global-institutional/continental-institutional ‘crony capitalism’ with the very same objects of their scepticism, or even criticism, can only ever stem either from cynicism, a lack of intelligence, or a lack of serious acquaintance with their writings.

And this is really not a grey area at all. Have you read the chapter near the end of ‘The Road to Serfdom’ where Hayek lays this all out fairly neatly?

Ultimately, the myth of neoliberalism risks severely discrediting intelligent and rational critics of globalist crony-capitalism; just as 9/11 Truthers, anti-vaxxers, and Ickean lizard-hunters risk imperilling the cause of non-interventionism.

The Vast Neoliberal Conspiracy is a busted spunk, and it needs to be binned, if people have the merest whit of ethical seriousness about the substantial limitations of globalist crony capitalism.

Adapted from my comments at the Facebook Group: Zizek and the Slovenian School. Further adapted from:

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New Satirical Anti-War Novel ‘Honest Adolph!’ Bad Election Campaigns, Military-Industrial Complex

New Satirical Anti-War Novel ‘Honest Adolph!’ Bad Election Campaigns, Military-Industrial Complex

After Rfreed’s ‘9/12/01,’ a whole new novel serial is starting on Neocon Surveillance!

‘Honest Adolph’ will appeal to liberty lovers of the left and of the right. And it may be of particular interest either to those who are concerned by the recent foreign policy consensus among the USA and its allies, or to those who are appalled by the recent Donhilly Trumpary fun & games.

The novel is set in the near future, leading up to a new Presidential election.

The warmongering Republican and Democratic establishment are expecting to sweep the board, and fortify the current neoconservative/liberal interventionist consensus.

Dissident Republican Senator Saul Friedman is one of the very last of a dying breed of libertarian Republicans.

Expelled from the party, Friedman implores his old friend Adolph Adams to run for the presidency. The plainspeaking and sober Adams is deemed a pitiful joke by the establishment, but he does have some success in garnering votes. However, it is simply impermissible that a non-interventionist could ever gain the Democratic ticket. Adams is no more welcome in the Democrats than Friedman was in the Republican Party.

Is there any hope at all that Adams can roll back the tide of interventionist barbarism?

Either way, he faces some truly formidable and cunning foes, who will not relinquish their privilege lightly. Caught between a rabble-rousing firebreather Republican Frontrunner, a hideously callous Democratic leader and various cynical, unprincipled, talented mediocrities, it is not only the career of Adolph Adams that is in peril.

If his enemies can only but once have their way, Adolph’s defiance of the status quo will eventually cost him his life.

Can this sober and levelheaded man of principle manage to evade the devious plots and schemes of ‘the great and the good?’

The only way to find out is to follow this serial, here:

NOTE: Despite the mildly confusing photo accompanying this article, the novel is actually set in the near future, and no Richard Nixons were butthurt in the making of this article and this novel.


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Trump: Hillary Drooled Through Debate

Trump: Hillary Drooled Through Debate

On Wednesday Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed this new conspiracy theory about his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton: that she drooled all the way through Monday’s debate.

“Didn’t notice at 1st,” he tweeted, “Crooked Hillary drooled all over herself @ debate. I scare her BIGLY Probably had seizure. Sad!” Continue Reading

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Pokemon-Go Craze Puts U.S. Elections in Doubt

Pokemon-Go Craze Puts U.S. Elections in Doubt

NEW YORK – The incredibly addictive Pokemon-Go app, which has sent countless millions of people out into the world to stare at their cell phones more than ever, has now put the U.S. Presidential elections in doubt.

Current CNN polls show that voter turnout will be at an all-time low (17%) as millions of registered voters see little point in voting for U.S. President while there are still so many fabulous Pokemon characters out there to catch.

“There’s an election like every four years, right? But Pokemon-Go is a once-in-a-lifetime event,” said Wayne Potman, 25, of Salt Lake City. “I’m not against voting, so if I’m out that day, and there happens to be a Poke-Stop or a really cool Gym right by the voting location, then I might go in to vote. Seriously. If the line is not too long.”

Pokemon-Go creator, Niantic, has promised to seed U.S. voting locations with PokeStops and rare Pokemons in a desperate effort to boost voter turnout. “We see this as a win-win and a no-brainer,” said Niantic spokesman Jesus Angleton Dulles. “We will do our part to try to resuscitate the dying American Republic through Pokemon and Pokemon-Go.”

Continue Reading

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