#SheToo: Cockroach Katie Hopkins Shipwrecks Outa Twitter. SAD!

Perpetually self-partnered ostentatiously Southern nark-resembling well heeled out of touch metropolitan elitist Katie Hopkins, for the first time in long life of tireless service to Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron and other oppressed and widely despised minorities (fortunately not the pig-f**king community however) is finally skirting it for once in her life…

And is on the verge of LOSING HER GODDAMN $$$T(ty Twitter) ACCOUNT, the latter being widely suspected to be a sock puppet operated by the unlawful offspring of Nick Griffin, Kim Jong Eun and the Dabiq lunchboy!

Now as to the Dabiq lunchboy and other servile $$$tsucking serfs of failed imperial growers and ne’er (do well) showers, can’t say which one, cos ISIS tend to go through their lunchboys like Twitter ban hammers go through the frail and fragile exoskeleton of the proverbial ‘floating cockroaches’ perpetually infesting F(*kking irrelevant hysterical alt-luvvie)LEET-STREET and other fake news $$$thole backwaters).

(Although rather like ISIS, most of us would hesitate letting ostentatiously unhinged LARP-leader Chairperson-Cultist KKKate “Cockroach KKKatie” Hopkins go down on us. ‘Like a bomb’ or otherwise!)

Anyone remember the good old days when ‘troll’ was supposed to mean disruptor, satirist, contrarian, provocateur, edgelord? It actually required people to have a moral compass and to pull off morally meaningful pranks and make people think: what psychoanalysts would think of in terms of the ‘Loki’ or ‘Native American Fox’ trickster figure. All in the great tradition of great satirists like Swift or Voltaire or Lu Xun.

Now the media have redefined it to include morons like Hopkins who think chatting $$$te purely to get a rise out of people, with zero meaningful moral purpose behind it (just ‘disruption for the sake of disruption.’)

Until she learns the difference between actual edginess vs just being the flamboyantly overpaid, crypto-luvvie, zinc-deficient-incel Fleet Street pseud she is known and NOT SO loved for being, she can take her web rehab for a bit. The ‘cockroaches’ comment was the absolute nadir, the absolute bottom of the barrel for failed ‘troll’ aspirants and she should probably stick to what she’s good at. No idea what she’s good at, but she should probably stick to it anyway. Or start it. Or even find it. (This particular little uncertainty puts her in an even lower position than Lawrence Fox, Hacked Off Hugh, Lippy Lilly and Morrissey).

P.S. (Sadly unnecessary legal disclaimer)


I know because I wrote it and I have the absolute legal and moral right to say what I like, regardless of what, where, when and why, and that’s argument enough for me.

Sound familiar, Katie? …

Oh, nah like?!?!!?



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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