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We have various ad options for you here at Glossy News Satire. Whatever you may have in mind, please get in touch with us with your exact needs, and we’ll do our best to find the right product for your project.

Please be aware that in order to secure good relationships with quality clients, Glossy News Satire have decided that our adverts will generally range from $100 to $125 per ad. Please understand that we are not likely, in general, to compromise on this; because we are looking for adverts that actually enhance the site, and are not detrimental to it. (UPDATE 7 OCTOBER 2019): the rates here have been revised, as our understanding of market rates has developed over time.

However, if your budget is low, but the quality of content is good (in practice, we find this rarely happens, but there are always exceptions, and we like to keep an open mind and not miss out on a good business opportunity for both of us!), then be aware there are three options for you:

1. Individual ad at standard price.

2. Bulk deals: 2 or more ads at a discount rate, paid as a single lump sum in advance.

3. Subscriptions (potentially cheaper than option 1 or 2: ask us!)

Please bear in mind the following caveats:

1. All Adverts Must be in Quality English

All ads must be in proper English; anything poorly presented, and that is likely to annoy the reader, simply can’t be allowed on our site. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, spacing etc. must be in keeping with that of a typical high school graduate in the USA or UK (we are not worried about differences between US, UK, Australian English, etc.; the point is that the English must be up to standard, regardless of regional spelling conventions, local slang, etc.) We don’t have a strict style guide, so this should make things easier. We reserve the right to reject any ad that is full of basic errors of English usage. A few minor errors are OK, but we want something of the standard of a decent blogger, although if it’s even better than this, we wouldn’t say no! I’m afraid this guy is persona non-grata, for example, as his vocabulary seems to be rather limited. Try not to have anything written by celebrities either! 😉

2. All Adverts Must Add Genuine Value for the Reader

As far as is reasonably possible, adverts must be informative, interesting, entertaining, or otherwise add genuine value to the reader. However, we will make an exception for ads from the Church of Scientology, or the Watchtower Society, as they have served us very well over the years! They have provided us with a rich gold mine of entertainment, not unlike Fox News, CNN, and other self-evidently NON-satire outlets.

3. No Violent/Extremist Content

While we normally publish any ad of decent quality, we do reserve the right to refuse ads which, quite apart from the quality of English, are otherwise detrimental to the user experience. Every deal will be considered on its own merits; but links to illegal sites, x-rated sites or hate sites (e.g. terrorism, jihad, KKK, Neo-Nazi), are not permitted. Glossy News will decide whether a site passes muster on certain basic legal and moral criteria; but if you are not sure, please get in touch anyway, and we’ll see what we can do. In case of a dispute the webmaster and boss, Brian K. White, is the final authority.

4. Adverts Must Not be Irritating to the Eye

One ad option is banners. These may be static or animated images, but we do not accept ads that are offensive to the eye, e.g. “flashing” ones; nor, in general, ads that most people in society would deem excessively erotic. If you’re not sure, just ask us! We are always happy to do all we can do accommodate any remotely reasonable request.

Get in touch soon! We are looking forward to hearing from you…

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