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Selfie Tsunami Sickeningly Scuttles Sweet Sixteen

Florida teenager Brittney Calgrington booked the best party ever with all the most popular kids going, but despite getting the best caterer money could buy, the best DJ Craig’s List could book on short notice, and enough balloons to choke…

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Inmate Shares Out-of-Body Experience, Charged with Escape

SUSANVILLE, CA – In a move that blurs the line between metaphysics and criminology, the Lassen County District Attorney’s Office filed escape charges against a High Desert State Prison (HDSP) inmate who admitted to having had an out-of-body experience, or…

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GREEN REVOLUTION! New Right-Wing ‘Ecological Diversity’ Agenda

Controversial leaders Theresa May, Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have heralded a new spring of right-wing environmental consciousness. And for the first time ever, the environment has been made a true populist, anti-elitist cause! But what could possibly be at…

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Welcome to Mad Mad Monkey Men! Funny Youtube Stars of the Future?!

Welcome to Mad Mad Monkey Men! This week a new channel launched on YouTube with near-zero fanface, despite being pretty awesome. It’s like Good Mythical Morning, but with kids, and it’s awfully fun. The promise to do taste tests, game…

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Feminists OUTRAGED! Biden’s Creepy Campaign Trail Song List Leaks… CREEPY!

BIDEN 2020: FIRST SEXUALLY QUESTIONABLE PRESIDENT? Serial groper and wildcat Juncker’s sciatica handyman Joe ‘Creepy Uncle Joe Biden’ has just recently announced a bid for the presidency, despite a history of sexual misdemeanours which leaves but little daylight between him…

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“CRIME ISN’T A COLLUSION!” Trump & Giuliani Defend Bolsonaro Assassination Epidemic!

WHO IS BEHIND THE EPIDEMIC OF MISSING JOURNALISTS IN BRAZIL?! The mainstream media are blaming their country’s new leader, Jair Bolsonaro. Alleging that the mysterious disappearances have been directly commissioned, Putin-style, by the flamboyantly irritable Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the…

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