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Three Women Discuss Horrific Experiences at the Hands of Roosh V! (2/2)

Three Women Discuss Horrific Experiences at the Hands of Roosh V! (2/2)

Mitsuko told me:

Roosh approached me when I was standing outside a club. He said: ‘Listen… um, don’t be offended, but you Harujuku bitches look… uh… really, really… uh, hot. Em, yeah! I mean, uh, kind of… uh no, I mean for real! No shit!… Uh. Oh well. This isn’t really what I…. yeah well anyways! Gotta dash!

I asked him ‘Is this how you talk to women in your own country?’

All of a sudden, he just snaps and screams:


I said, ‘I am not offended, I just think you are really weird and creepy.’

At this, he said, ‘WAAAHHH! You LITERALLY just don’t understand! I’m actually a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice guy!’ Continue Reading


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Three Women Discuss Horrific Experiences at the Hands of Roosh V! (1/2)

Three Women Discuss Horrific Experiences at the Hands of Roosh V! (1/2)

Vaguely-non-SWP rape apologist and notable PUA wannabe Roosh V has been trying to make a name for himself in the UK recently…

Albeit with not one whit more success than the solemn-jawed, soberly Stalinistic, mournfully dick-waving Trotksyite fanatics of ‘Real Socialism.’

But what do women think about Roosh V? Here, three women tell us about Roosh’s drunken nightclub antics, in order to shine a light on the Manosphere’s sexiest thwarted frat boy lookalike. Continue Reading


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9/12/2001 – The Days After Cheney Became President – Part 22

9/12/2001 – The Days After Cheney Became President – Part 22

Changing Alliances
Part 22

(A serial book excerpt)

Previous installments – After Flight 93 crashes into the White House on 9/11/2001 killing President Bush as was originally planned, Dick Cheney, the Vice President, is made the leader of the country. He begins immediately to make changes.

– – – – – – – – –

Sinchesi Yang waited in his pill box alone. The morning sun had just crested the mountains behind him sending a bright blaze of color and light across the sea stretching before him. Somewhere just beyond that blaze was the mainland of China. He watched the horizon carefully, knowing that somewhere over there were men who would kill him and any other soldier they came across on sight. He knew they would be ruthless. And they would come quickly. It was only a question of when. Taiwanese intelligence had briefed them on being extra vigilant these next few days. That and other preparations had tipped him off. He knew they were coming. All the higher officials were ill at ease and smoking more than they usually did. It was a sixth sense that he at times had since childhood.
The Reds were coming.

When the first planes appeared Yang had the chance to prove his valor by shooting back. This made him go into the death that came gladly. He had at least done something to slow the attack before the jets realized where the shooting was coming from and blasted the pillbox into eternity.

The battle for Taiwan raged on longer than anyone expected. For all of the Reds obvious military superiority, the Formosans raged back at them like panthers. The Reds had to dig in and grit their teeth. They were losing more men and planes than they thought they would. But that didn’t matter to a nation of 2 billion people. The loss of a few thousand soldiers would leave a little more breathing room for the rest. The worse for them was the embarrassment. A small island a fraction of the size of the nation claiming it was holding them off effectively. Impatience overwhelmed the massive land as 4 days after the start of the assault foreign news agencies began to mock them. Additional armaments were brought up to the front. In a couple more days what was left of Taipei surrendered. The lords of mainland China gloated over their triumph. They had returned the breakaway island back to their fold. Even more than that they had proved the United States to be a neutered beast, unable to aid a once important ally. The Chinese now knew that they could grab other baubles out in the Pacific with impunity.

Cheney picked up the secretaries buzz. “CIA Secretary Bonz is on the line, sir.”

“Ok, Margaret, I’ll take it. Good day, Bonz! How are you?”

“All well and good, thank you! Listen, I’ve got something big here. Of all things it looks like there has been a huge discovery of oil on the south side of Cuba. The underground field begins a couple hundred feet inland and runs quite a ways offshore. It looks to be a big thing. We’ve intercepted communiques between Castro and Moscow about it. It could be bigger than Prudhoe Bay from the sounds of it.”

“My God!” answered Cheney breathlessly. “This could be a God send. And it is close to the Louisiana refineries. Too bad it is Cuba and not Florida.”

“Indeed!” stated Bonz.

“We’ve got to get on this! We can’t let the Russkies get hold of it. We’ve got to change our whole policy towards the Cubans. Kiss their little asses.”

“We’re just lucky it is in our neighborhood. It will make it harder for the Chinese to get in on it.”

“You are so very right Bonz. That is, until they remember their Communist Brotherhood oaths to each other. How long have you known this for?”

“There were suspicions of it yesterday. Transmissions we’ve overheard today with satellite photos seem to confirm it.”

“Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I’m going to let the big boys in on it. We’ve got to move fast on this one.”

“Gotcha. We’ve got to keep up with the Jones’s!”

“You got that right. Adios!”

Within an hour every major player in the American economy knew there was something big going on in Cuba. Something the American public would not know for weeks. And when they did learn about it, it would not be accurate.

Rumsfeld looked out the window at reflections of his own imaginings. “The Chinese are making great inroads into Sudan and a lot of the other African countries that interest them. If we hadn’t had such a bad history with Libya we would be in there too. And if Shell didn’t have Nigeria locked up they would be soaking their grubby paws there too.”

Cheney grunted in agreement and looked out the window not seeing the phantoms that his colleague saw. The old man was showing his age quite often, but he always knew what was going on in the world.

“The world is not an easy place. No one ever gets into politics without learning a lot about the negative side of his fellow human.” Cheney spoke in an odd, philosophical way.

Rumsfeld turned and had one of those half smiles on his face, but still seemed miles away from where they were. “No, indeed they are not.” After a pause he said “I am sure you learned a lot about that working with Nixon.”

Now it was Cheney who had the half-smile on his face. “That I did. One did indeed learn a lot about the negative side of humanity being around Tricky Dicky.”

“Ah, ah, ah! Republicans never refer to Nixon as Tricky Dicky! That would be a sign of admission. One of the first no-no’s we have to learn in combat with the Democrats.”

Cheney chuckled. “That is true. So true.”

Rumsfeld’s voice turned serious, deathly serious. “We’ve got to make sure we win the next election.” He said nothing thereafter. Instead he turned his head and gazed at Cheney intently. His normally half blank eyes were lit as though by a dark light behind them. They were strangely intense for an old man.

“I may be no longer in your Cabinet, but I still am a Republican now and forever, so I feel I must say something. We can’t afford to lose our gains to anyone.” Again there was a great silence where he ended. It seemed to Cheney as though a great chasm lay between them.

“This election has to be won. We have too much at stake.” He came over and stared Cheney direct in the eyes. “Not only for us but for the whole nation. What we have set up will pull everyone else down if it goes wrong.”

“Too big to fail, eh?” smirked Cheney.

Rumsfeld didn’t find it too funny. “Yes, President Cheney, it is too big to fail. We are too big to fail. If we fail now millions go with us. And we won’t be getting back up again. Not in our lifetimes.”

Cheney turned and gazed at the globe in its stand. He unconsciously noticed that against the backdrop of the whole rest of the world the United States wasn’t all that big. Why, Canada, with its tiny population beat out the US land wise.

Cheney counted the seconds before he asked the question he knew he had to ask. “Do you mean fixing the elections?”

There was a small delay in Rumsfeld answer, but he used the force he put into his words to over ride that. “We need to win the election. What ever it takes. We can’t let the Democrats get it again. They by sheer ignorance will dismantle our net that we have built and that sustains all of us. Right now the United States is in sync with our business aspirations, the military is in compliance and the Americans believe in us and, most importantly, whatever we tell them. We can’t afford to lose that. Not now. Not ever.”

Cheney looked up from the globe and his thoughts, but looked to a corner of the room, not at him.

“This is a big risk. It is really asking a lot.” he said distantly.

“If you aren’t up to it someone else can be worked in who is.” came the answer, hot with a streak of spit in it.

The venom hit its mark. Cheney’s eyes flashed. “I can handle this. And I can handle it without you if you so like. I didn’t get this far by playing patty cake.”

Rumsfeld had gotten the reaction he wanted. He knew it would sting the proud man to say that. He also knew that he would go along with it. The President had no other choice. He waited the appropriate time and said. “The wheels are already there. They are already in motion. All we have to do is grease them up.”

Cheney looked out the window again. His reply was the most delayed of all. “Then that we must do.”

He didn’t turn his attention from whatever phantom he gazed so intently at outside the window as Rumsfeld quietly left and shut the door softly behind him.

Bolton barged into the Oval Office, waving papers in his hand.

“Chavez has gotten the Cuba contract!”


Bolton leaned across the table and poured the twenty-three page report upon it. “While we were busy congratulating ourselves over making Cuba the unofficial 51st state Chavez snuck in and reminded the Castros of their Communist roots. He has now agreed to put forth the financing and development.”

Cheney, still astounded, retorted. “They will never do it as well as us.”

“No, but they will do it none the less. Maybe not as good, but they will do it. And I’m sure the Russians are not below giving them a helping hand even if there is no profit, just to keep us at bay. Nobody in Cuba will know the difference any way. They’ll just get one more thing to be proud about and a little extra sugar for their coffee. Either way it is a big step up for them.”

“God damn it!” Cheney pounded his fist on the chair arm repeatedly. “God damn it!” He pushed himself up and went to the window to throw his anger outside. He stood staring out.

“And here we thought the Cold War was over! It just keeps coming back in other forms! Just like a type of malaria!” Again he fell silent. Now his fist pounded down into the sill. “Just when things were going good. We pampered those bastards. We schmoozled and cuddled them. Now we get the dirty diaper thrown in our face!”

He turned forward and stared hard at Bolton. I could bomb those bastards!” He was raging mad now. “I could wipe out that whole island!” He paced. He turned at a thought and pointed at Bolton. “And then deliver a couple to that nutcase Chavez too!”

Bolton felt he had to say something. “Well, the game isn’t over yet. There are still some cards we could play. We’ll have to wait a bit so that they don’t know that we are on to them. I’ll get Rice to sidle up to them some more and see if I can get the big boys to tempt them. Maybe that will loosen things up.”

Cheney had his bad face on and his hands deep in his pockets. Not a good sign. “Yeah, maybe!” he spat out. “Yeah let her schmoozle away! See if it does any good.’” He sat down heavily. ”I doubt it will.”

Bolton knew he wouldn’t be able to pull him out of his funk. “I’ll do my best.” he said, knowing he could say nothing more and left.

Cheney leaned forward in his chair, his thoughts a heated chain through his mind. He looked over at the bronze statue of an oil well on his desk. A second later he sent it flying with a swipe from his fist.

The high level oil baron meeting was an important one. These few men held far more sway over the western world events than the politicians did. What they decided behind their closed doors would influence the lives of millions for better or for worse, but definitely for the betterment of themselves. Always for the betterment of themselves.

Crucial decisions would have to be made in the following few days and hours, crucial for their survival as an operational corporation and for the constant inflow of money that they needed to keep themselves in riches and on the top echelon of their world. It was unthinkable to fall from that height. One would never get up there again.

“Gentlemen, we have reached a point where radical departures from what we have done before are needed. Oil levels in all countries are diminishing. A new plan of endeavor is needed to sustain ourselves. We need to convince the public that we have the situation in hand and to soothe their fears. We now have two answers to that.” He hit the button on the computer and a visual show began. The camera pans a huge denuded forest area. In the distance one can make out spruce trees bordering it. The camera comes to a multi-storied machine. Extending from it is a huge boom that stretches out indefinitely.

“This is the first of the two God sent answers to our dilemma. The tar sands of Alberta Canada. Thank God it is in a country that we get along with. They have immense deposits of oil locked in the sand beneath the surface. Enough to keep us going for years if we can keep the Canadians from selling it to someone else. It costs more to get a gallon of gas from it, but those costs can slowly be passed on to the consumer. And, our little secret at least for the time being, it destroys the landscape. But this is Alberta where there is lots of land and not so many people so there aren’t so many environmentalists and they are getting away with it for the time being. It doesn’t hurt too that they have so much land to pollute. Very few people ever see it.”

A photo appears of a near flat, monotonous plain, its surface marred by the constant movement of heavy machinery. In the distance forests can be seen that seem like a green embroidery to the torn ground. The immensely long arm can be seen stretching across the shot longer than the screen can capture. It is the conveyor belt for the apparatus, an ungodly monstrosity in what was supposed to be God’s country.

“This is the second surprise, central North Dakota, the site of immense gas and oil depositories that are now more readily available to us through the use of fracking. Fracking is the injection of water mixed with chemicals into the earth where oil and natural gas are known to be and thereby forcing them to the surface. Using this method we can dramatically increase the amount of product removed and thereby increase our profits as well.

He mock hushed his voice- “Now for the part of our discussion that never leaves this room- We are going to use fracking as our ticket out of our predicament. We make fracking seem like the tooth fairies answer to all our problems. If we can convince the American people that it is the miracle cure to this countries energy problems, then we become the heroes of our nation. And we get our second homes in Grand Cayman.”

“Our plan is to so push the idea of fracking upon the American public so that they forget this nonsense of alternative energy solutions and electric cars and believe once again in the eternal abundance of oil. The fracking will give us a good couple of years of extra oil, but the smoke and mirrors that we put in place will extend it to twice that length.

“This, my friends, is the way to our future. Fracking will become as common and recognizable a phrase as drilling; and as acceptable. We will again claim a portion of the American psyche and the American billfold as ours, and they will be no wiser for it.”

The applause was deafening.


– – – – – – – – – –

The complete book of 9/12/2001 is available from under that exact title for $10.00 plus shipping. Now available as an e-book on lulu as well.


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4K Glossy News PODCAST 028 (2-1-16)

4K Glossy News PODCAST 028 (2-1-16)

The podcast is back with more, and now, with even more original than ever before.

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

Here are the topics covered in the the February 1st, 2016 4K/UHD podcast.

* Joke of the week: The time we went hiking and I got bitten by a venomous snake and had to rely on my buddy to save my life.

* An open concept for how to make a massive online game that exists as more than an experience, but as a real world news media event. Not just viral, but big enough to make actual news.

* A proven business strategy to use protesting, public lands and social media to get everything you could ever want delivered right to your doorstep within three weeks. Free business idea, guys, just for you.

* The weiredest dreams in my house aren’t mine or my kids. No, my dog has the weirdest dreams ever and I’m still trying to figure out what they are.

* A recommendation for the best up-and-coming spoof news show on the air. You may have heard of it, but statistically, you haven’t seen it yet.

* How to participate in primaries and caucuses, and a last-ditch pitch for Bernie Sanders before the first round kicks off.

* If you’re going to set someone up on a blind date, there are only TWO rules to remember, and they are explained in here.

* Profile of a Reddit user ranked in the top-600 after less than a month of creating his account.

* Why I canceled Amazon Prime and why you should too. The video streaming service is useless, the cloud storage (photos) is extortion and the “free shipping” is artificiall slow and they do it all on purpose. Oh, and good luck with customer service, it’s worse than a joke. A joke passes quickly, their attempts at customer service is nothing better than a huge waste of time.

Listen to it

Or you can download it by right-clicking and selecting “save as” right here. It’s also available on iTunes.

Watch it on YouTube

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Neocon Surveillance & Neocon Surveillance Network are Now Online: Critique, Commentary & Satire!

Neocon Surveillance & Neocon Surveillance Network are Now Online: Critique, Commentary & Satire!

Wallace Runnymede and Appleseed Ike have recently launched Neocon Surveillance and Neocon Surveillance Network! These two anti-war and pro-peace sites provide both prose commentary and satire, in order severely and indeed mercilessly critique the current Neocon/Liberal Interventionist consensus.

A. Neocon Surveillance Network provides some basic factual data, e.g. free advertizing opportunities, news of protests, and information on anniversaries related to war and peace.

B. Neocon Surveillance, the key website of the two, is an uncompromisingly contrarian and dissident grassroots blogging outlet. As strong believers in self-criticism among pacifists and non-interventionists, a non-negotiable aspect of our critical responsibility is to explore faults in anti-war movements, organizations, texts, works of arts and individuals; rather than merely criticizing warmongers and their apologists alone. For this reason, we explicitly repudiate far-left and far-right ‘anti-war’ ideology alike.

In this spirit, we are looking for more centre-left and centre-right people (either pacifists or non-interventionists) to join our team: please email or If you are not sure if we are for you, or vice versa, please email us anyway, and we can discuss your possible contributions to our cause. Continue Reading


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Frank Turner Song Parody: Tony F***ed the Country!

Frank Turner Song Parody: Tony F***ed the Country!

Whatever happened to Britain?
It’s like we’re scared of phantom enemies to the point of bedpissin’
Even if the danger is minor
The press and gov scaremonger
With their endless agitprop bullshit!

Yo, bigot! Anyone who looks less white than you
Makes you wonder if they’re immigrants or Muslims or Jews
But I’m tired of the endless hatred
And yet the media hacks are always stirring shit! Continue Reading


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Weirder Than A Stephen King Novel – A Rock Band With King and Dave Barry In It. Let Me Introduce You To The Rock Bottom Remainders!!!

Weirder Than A Stephen King Novel – A Rock Band With King and Dave Barry In It. Let Me Introduce You To The Rock Bottom Remainders!!!

Unannounced to most of us, one of the most incredible rock and roll groups has passed before us and we didn’t even notice it. Maybe most of us were too stoned to catch it.

This group was named The Rock Bottom Remainders and should have made the cover of the Rolling Stone except for one problem- it was made up of mostly literary figures. The thought of listening to people involved heavily with books and articles is enough to send most hard core rockers into a catatonic state. Stephen King, of course, is famous for his many best selling horror stories such as Carrie, The Dead Zone, Cujo and so many others that he himself cannot remember all of them. Dave Barry is the famed humor writer who won the Pulitzer Prize for his hilarious newspaper columns and has written several best selling books himself. (One wonders what the Pulitzer Prize statuette for humor looks like- clowns jumping out of a golden Volkwagen Beetle?)

Add to this dynamic duo the talents of Amy Tan, the author of The Joy Luck Club, Mitch Albom of Tuesdays With Morrie fame, Simpson cartoon creator Matt Groening (OK, the Simpsons aren’t really literature but, heh, this is America and anything goes here), and humor writer Roy Blount Jr. With that line-up they should be able to win the World Series.

But instead they played rock and roll.


This is really, really really true. This is a real band and these famous people made up its members. And they have been trying to live it down for years now.

Even the mere thought of Barry and King, two geniuses of literal subversity, should have alerted the NSA to the threat and caused them to raise the terror alert to Code Red. Instead they are off keeping their beady eyes peeled for much more boring groups like ISIS and Al Queda (who also have their own rock and roll bands).

Anyway, the Rock Bottom Remainders apparently perform a couple times of year publicly, and, as Dave Barry wrote famously, once for the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It is part of their determined effort now that they have conquered the world of writing to take over a hunk of the musical universe as well. Already they are giving Adele panic attacks from the threat of their competition.

According to Dave Barry, they got Amy Tan to dress up like a slut to sing “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. According to Dave Barry, that is (it might have just been a fantasy that he had that he mistook for real. You know how it is with these professional musicians and their drugs).

Many of those in the music field fear this new assault to their status with good reason. Would you want to be up against a group whose main member is a man who, if angered, could write a novel about you in which you die horribly, such as being skewered by a satellite dish tower in a tornado or being pulled in through a too narrow heating duct by some sort of space alien who took up residence there or being abducted by a race of small people who want to include you in a sport they play that involves dismemberment or any number of other grim, painful demises that only the imagination of Stephen King could come up with?

Add to that threat the fact that you have three humor writers in the band as well with wits that they hone daily with a sharpening wheel who could lampoon you to death mercilessly from the pages of their respective writing kingdoms. Dave Barry, Roy Blount Jr. and Matt Groening all seem like nice guys on the surface, but get in the way of their desire for dominion in the musical world and you might find them to be screaming banshees of an entirely different ilk. Just look at what satirists like them from around the world are doing to Donald Trump right now (although none seem to make much of a dent with him).

The Rock Bottom Remainders play a fusion of old classics (what else would they know having a mean average age of around 90) rock and pop. Before you laugh and say how much of a threat could a bunch of old crackers like that be just remember what Susan Boyle did to the competition in the British version of American Idol. Also remember the Rolling Stones are still around, or at least a few functioning parts of them.

And speaking of Rolling Stones- doesn’t it sound like the Rock Bottom Remainders should have made the cover of the magazine version?

Coming soon- You get to read just how creepy it can be making music in a group that includes Stephen King!


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Beware the “Stranded Buddy” scammers

Beware the “Stranded Buddy” scammers

I got a call from a close friend last week. He was in Vegas and he was in trouble.

This wasn’t entirely out of character for him, but the way he contacted me certainly was. He had a legal rep call me and it kept getting weirder from there.

Look, gambling is fine. I’ve bought a dozen lottery tickets in my 23 years since I turned 18, and I’ve spent more hours at slot machines than I can recall. Continue Reading


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Winners can do the craziest things

Winners can do the craziest things

Did you know that lottery winners go broke at twice the rate of the rest of the population? It’s quite a statistic, don’t you think? You ask someone to scrimp and save all their lives and they dutifully squirrel away a few pennies for a rainy day. But give someone all the money they have ever dreamt of and the brakes come off in a way that you couldn’t imagine!

These stories of what some of the most notorious lottery and casino winners have done may not restore your faith in human kind, but they might make you feel better about not being stupid.

RIGHT: [326/365] Lottery Money” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Lisa Brewster

The stories below are full of wins which might tempt you to try your luck in the lottery or visit an online casino such as Titan Casino Online but success is of course not guaranteed.

In the meantime, the rest of us might be well advised to concentrate on the thrill of the game rather than the winnings. As they make a point of saying when you sign up to most online games it’s about enjoying playing.

Taking it in their stride

Lottery winners Stan and Pat Cable won £4 million in 2008 (it’s more in dollars). At a time in life when you might expect them to put their feet up and enjoy themselves, Stan and Pat did exactly the opposite. They’re still living modestly in their two bedroom rented house in the south of England. They say they like their neighbours. Occasionally they splash out on an afternoon cake and a cup of tea.

Too much too young

When 16-year-old Callie Rogers scooped £1.9 million (enough dollars to buy a nice boat) she did things differently. Callie was suddenly incredibly popular and she liked being popular. Within a few short years she was back on the breadline. But here’s the weird thing – it was only after she’d resumed the sort of life the rest of us ‘enjoy’ that she found happiness. All play and no work has its downside too apparently.

Playing it straight

When Austrian Josef Reiner played away his winnings at a Vienna casino and left with a big loss it was just the start. Too afraid to admit to his wife what he’d done, Reiner faked a robbery and claimed he’d been its unhappy victim. You can’t fault Herr Reiner for his thoroughness. He broke his own nose, jaw and arm with an iron bar as part of the ruse. Sadly, poor Josef’s will was every bit as fragile as his bones – within days his wife had dragged the truth out of him. Ouch!

There’s no accounting for taste

Flash cars and parties aren’t for everyone. Michael Egglestone’s £2.7 million (pick a number) mostly went on a heart operation – but he kept enough back to treat himself to a new set of wheels. But can you believe he spent £8,000 (way too much) on one of these…


Flaming Reliant” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Rob_sg

Big wins may be great if you want to knock down your own mansion or surgically extend the size of your chest but in the real world it seems they might not actually provide the route to ever-lasting happiness, love and all of that messy business. Obviously, this is something that the writer of this piece IS prepared to research first hand – in the name of good journalism, you understand – just to be sure.


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4K Glossy News PODCAST 027 (1-25-16)

4K Glossy News PODCAST 027 (1-25-16)

The podcast is back with more, and now, with even more original than ever before.

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

Here are the topics covered in the the January 25th, 2016 4K/UHD podcast.

* Amy Schumer is in the news for alleged joke stealing, but the claims have since been scaled back. She’s not the first comic to steal jokes, it’s actually quite wide spread, and she certainly won’t be the last.

* What would you do if you won a million or a billion dollars? When I was a kid my dreams weren’t big, but they sure were to me. There was only one thing I wanted if I won the lottery.

* Three reasons movie theaters will not die and why that’s a very good thing.

* Have you ever applied for a job you were perfectly qualified for but never stood a chance? Well, there is a reason that happens sometimes, and I know because I’ve been the guy on the winning side of it more than once.

* How to finally buy a coffee pot that won’t die on you in a year or two.

* Review of the Netflix exclusive “The Ridiculous 6″ starring Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Vanilla Ice and way too many more to list. I actually enjoyed it.

* Profile of a true Reddit Karma Whore.

Listen to it

Or you can download it by right-clicking and selecting “save as” right here. It’s also available on iTunes.

Watch it on YouTube

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Segment bumpers and background music by Greg the Hero. Royalty Free Music “Your Call,” “Sneaky Snitch,” “Upbeat Forever,” “Crowd Hammer,” and “Funkorama” by Kevin MacLeod — 4K/UHD Backgrounds by Amitai Angor AA VFX


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Expanded Release of Free Religious Satire Compilation: ‘I Shouldn’t Do God!’ (2/2)

Expanded Release of Free Religious Satire Compilation: ‘I Shouldn’t Do God!’ (2/2)


Ain’t no atheist like a disenchantment-community atheist…? Well,  an outraged A Z Grimsby does indeed insist on holding forth on the purely irrational and frivolously superstitious basis of children’s toys, especially cuddly fictive animals.

I mean take dragons for example, they may be cuddly and funny and comfy and gloriously colored, flamboyantly patterned, and so on.

But they have absolutely nothing whatsoever, nothing IN THE LEAST to do with science as we now understand it.

Yes, well, if you tell your children that there MIGHT JUST be such a thing as a dragon, even leaving the question slightly open, you are giving the irrationalists an inch…

And they will undoubtedly take a mile. Or indeed ten!

Continue Reading


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Expanded Release of Free Religious Satire Compilation: ‘I Shouldn’t Do God!’ (1/2)

Expanded Release of Free Religious Satire Compilation: ‘I Shouldn’t Do God!’ (1/2)

I’ve recently re-released the first volume of my fake news satire compilation series, Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes. More Wallace Runnymede Satire Catastrophes volumes will follow from Spring 2016 onwards. But for now, volume 1, I Shouldn’t Do God, is a somewhat expanded one in comparison to the earlier version of this same first volume of this exciting ongoing series. And it’s free too!

Also, I have recently managed to get Reflections In & Out of Season, the accompanying volume to The Great Flâneur Massacre, brought down to free again too. And as for The Great Flâneur Massacre, this is still 99 cents, or similar in other currencies, depending on the location of the vendor! These latter two books are also available from the same ebook outlets as below. See more information at:


My recent tribute essay to Charlie Hebdo, serialised on Glossy News. Links to Glossy News originals for each of the instalments here, and links to the Wallace Runnymede republication of the essay here.


The Vatican, like the Pope, should be infallible, but what happens when even infallible institutions slip up the odd time, and canonize people who have no right in hell to such an accolade?

If this is to stand, we might have to canonize other great, virtuous and saintly figures such as:

Buddha, Quetzalcoatl, Sri Krishna, Mungai, Amaterasu, Laozi, Adi Shankara, Hercules, Guru Nanak, the Dalai Lama, Elmer Gantry, Arius, Sabellius, Basilides, Valentinus, Simon Magus, Martin Luther…


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Pre-launch of  ‘Neocon Surveillance’ Site Jan 21! Plus Another War & Peace Story on Glossy News…

Pre-launch of ‘Neocon Surveillance’ Site Jan 21! Plus Another War & Peace Story on Glossy News…

The pre-launch for Neocon Surveillance has just been accomplished! The site can be found here:

This site is devoted to mainstream (centre left through centre right, or vice versa!) critique and satire of neoconservativism, liberal interventionism, responsibility to protect, and general self-serving warmongering and opportunism. If you wish to write for this site, please drop your co-irritants a line:,

Better still, Jan 21 is just the preliminary pre-launch, to give a taster of the site. The full launch will be on 1 March 2016, with a wide array of articles! In terms of genres and styles, we will be very pluralistic: opinion pieces, fake news, poetry, cartoons, personal reflections, and more! We are open to a wide range of contributions. If you are not sure, just ask! We are very open-minded in general about genres and styles, as well as about opinions, although in order to maintain the quite specific character and integrity of the site, we do ask that contributors are committed to either pacifism or non-interventionism. (Both are equally suitable for our purposes here at Neocon Surveillance. Again, if you aren’t sure what this might entail, just ask!)

See also the companion site, Continue Reading


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4K Glossy News PODCAST 026 (1-18-16)

4K Glossy News PODCAST 026 (1-18-16)

The podcast is back with more, and now, with even more original than ever before.

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

Here are the topics covered in the the January 18th, 2016 4K/UHD podcast.

* Who actually works 9 to 5? That’s only eight hours. Do you get a lunch or is this a myth we’ve been taught? Continue Reading


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Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald: Greenwald & the Ghostly-Chilling Effects (3/3)

Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald: Greenwald & the Ghostly-Chilling Effects (3/3)

All in all, I’m very relieved The Intercept never got back to me about that speculative CV. Perhaps I dodged a bullet there! It is evidently beneath Glenn Greenwald to say ‘Je Suis Charlie.’ So I am glad that, professionally speaking, I will never have to endure the rank humiliation of saying #JeSuis Intercept.’

Glenn, you are a person of quite astounding talent and passion. It’s just such a pity you seem to risk ruining your legacy. If you are for freedom of speech, as you claim, then you must be for it consistently. Continue Reading


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A3 Song Parody: Torybums Said

A3 Song Parody: Torybums Said

The original song by A3 quotes texts which have made available by the Jonestown Foundation. Jim Jones was a fanatic. It’s also fanatical to gut welfare when so much money is wasted on pointless vanity projects. Next time UK elects a Prime Minister, hopefully it will be a government with more character.

Pray don’t ever say we are your enemies. My noble benevolence has practically caused me to just get you destroyed. If I had squeezed you a little more, just a little bit more, we would have had a little less trouble.

Yes, you have a social conscience. Idealism! But don’t say ‘Dearest Tory-bums is my enemy!’ Eh? What’s that, oh do calm down, darling. Hearken unto me, chicken: ‘Greed is my enemy and I’ve got to fight for liberty day and night!’ And, ‘what else is death, other than liberty’ is the line. Liberty is the only way?

UTTER PIGGY-POO! FIDDLESTICKS, OLD BEAN! William Tyndale died for his liberty! Emmeline Pankhurst died for her liberty! The pleb scum of Wat Tyler died roaring about balderdash the rustic filth just couldn’t understand, and they never even stood their ground! Hacked down by the sword! Continue Reading


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