Deglobalisation is Not Enough: The Death of the Nation-State is Next!

Europe will still exist, even if we leave the EU. Europe is eternal. We will ALWAYS be part of Europe

Well, yes.
Of course!
How much is it going to blow your mind if I told you the same about the UK and its various constituent parts?!?!?! 😉
The Global Village is at death’s door, and the nation-state is next on my hit list!

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Deceiving the Green Movement: AOC is a Trojan Horse Who Offers Nothing New!

Do Exxon-Mobil have a right to choose?
Are environmentalists all just radical anti-choice bigots?

Not a joke. Let’s have a look at plastic environmentalist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the hysterically visionary Barack Obama 2.0 2020!

Green New Deal” trojan horse apologist and master ‘mind’ (towering intellect?) AOC is actually a key apologist for the culture of death. Given the same logic underlies abortion as underlies ecocide, it is nothing short of staggering to see the cognitive dissonance of ‘pro choice’ greens. Abortion, ecocide, eugenics, euthanasia, factory farming, large-scale meat consumption, ‘population reduction,’ are all part of the very same logic of objectification, unleashed/unhinged instrumental rationality and untrammelled ‘choice.’ Read more Deceiving the Green Movement: AOC is a Trojan Horse Who Offers Nothing New!


Random Thoughts (XVII): Alt-Islam, Alt-Right, Alt-Europe!

It’s time to get some more hard-hitting, punching commentary! So if you have any thoughts of your own, on any topic, you know what to do!

Christians, Atheists and Islam

I don’t really agree with the New Atheist movement or anti-theism, but they are doing a much better job at standing for our true values than fake Christians ever will. Some atheists seem to take the extremism deriving from Islam more seriously than many Christians do; I think some Christians, like Pope Francis, secretly (or even unconsciously) desire a post-secular society. Islam is the old enemy who now (ironically) holds out to them the chance to take revenge on a society and a civilisation who rejected Christianity.

People like Condell, Dawkins, Hitchens, whatever their faults and imperfection, are important voices in the struggle against the jihadist menace. Now can we finally have some REAL Christians in Europe who admit that a great deal of Islam today, as in the past, is hostile and hateful to the best of what we have achieved and held? Much of what passes for Islam today and yesterday is very different from Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and more. Don’t be fooled by relativism: equal truth no more applies in religion than it does in politics. Some ideas are just wrong, some customs are just wicked, and that is just how it is. Islam is the one religion, as Bill Maher says, that has more bad ideas than the others right now, and in this context, it’s perfectly reasonable to talk more about the faults of Islam than those of other faiths.

Stand with Europe… NOT the EU!

It’s unsettling to see the Franco-Prussian empire openly plotting to create an EU army. The homeless bureaucrats are getting more and more blatant and shameless in their authoritarianism. Our friends in Poland and Hungary have already been invaded millions of times over history: it is important to stand with our fellow Europeans against the homeless bureaucrats! The UK and Italy may have to fight shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe, in order to defend our civilisation! Don’t be afraid: the darkness is only for a season! We will NEVER let the enemies of civilisation gain the victory over our beautiful continent.

The Alternative to ‘Alt-Right’

The disturbing rise of white nationalism / ‘Alt-Right’ is a natural consequence of elitist centrist ideology, and is only to be expected. However, the supposedly ‘radical’ venture of white identity politics is a nonsensical diversion and a purely collectivist gesture; a mere mundane inversion of standard issue leftist identity politics. It is merely yet another tedious social justice ideology, and it doesn’t bring anything new or exciting to the table. It is time to restore our ancient traditions of individualism. Europe can and WILL prevail against identity politics. We did it with the rise of Christianity, and we will do it again!

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Never Be Discouraged: Ten Ways Truly Great Writers Like You Are Gonna Stick To Your Guns!

If you’re a writer, always be sure to stick to your guns and be persistent! Here are a few pitfalls I’ve had to reflect upon in my own experience:

1. Yes You Already DO Know How to Write

Editors who tell you ‘they cannot tell you how to write’ are often addicted to overly short and unsophisticated writing. There was one particular editor who once told me this, but his site was one of those ones which was viral, and had genuinely funny content, and yet had stories that are VERY short.

Remember that there is more than one way to write satire (or anything else), and people who are used to providing one form of content may mistake their own subjective preferences as an objectively correct aesthetic judgment.

Please note I am not advocating relativism here; of course some styles of writing, and some specimens of writing, are objectively better than others. However, there are different criteria out there: so you can be pluralistic without being nihilistic. Nihilism and dogmatism are both to be avoided.

Of course, if you ever get an editor, try to keep an open mind, instead of always sticking with tried and tested pathways; provided, as they say, you are open minded – but not so far that your brains fall out!

2. Philistines Beware!

Some people are suspicious of refined, articulate and eloquent prose. It may be other writers on a site, or it may be trolls. Remember that those of an inferior mindset and an inferior taste cannot be expected to appreciate the aesthetically accomplished: you might as well expect an acid house fan to enjoy the operas of Bellinin or Donizetti. If you’ve lived on turkey twizzlers and chicken nuggets all your life, why would you ever go near a Peking roast duck? Read more Never Be Discouraged: Ten Ways Truly Great Writers Like You Are Gonna Stick To Your Guns!


Don’t Sacrifice Your Ideals for Any Living Creature!

Anyone who truly loves you will let you keep your integrity. Anyone who tries to keep you from your highest of values is not acting out of love, but out of some much lower, baser, ignobler motive.
If your values are pure, others will inevitably envy them. Read more Don’t Sacrifice Your Ideals for Any Living Creature!