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London Riots: Who are the REAL Orwellians?

London Riots: Who are the REAL Orwellians?

I offer my solidarity, support and comradeship to everyone who, like me, is pissed off at the Orwellian banner-waving moral crusaders who want to overturn a democratic vote.

(Disclaimer: I voted for the TUSC, so I hope a hundred and 68 radical trolls I’ve never had the good fortune of meeting don’t all pile on me at once).

To speak soberly (and with all due contempt for the Equivalence Police), looking at the public FB feed, some of it is like early 20th Century Russia or the Nuremberg rallies.

If they don’t like the result, fine; but no need to get all totalitarian and say a fair vote doesn’t count just because the (admittedly loathsome) Tories don’t fit their high moral standards…

So presumably the other parties are better, right? My arse. A corrupt gang of cynical warmongers versus a corrupt gang of cynical warmongers. Whatever.

In fairness, there are a lot of people of good character and integrity in Labour; but this is not reflected in the final fruits dished out by the Establishment “upper crust” within the party, as it were. No doubt, a lot of people still working for Labour or still voting for it feel betrayed that the party they have always loved has become (in terms of practical political results) a monstrosity, fully complicit with the status quo.

It would be very wrong to associate all Labour members and voters with the misdeeds of a proportion of the party. But sadly, the very fact that the people of good conscience are in such a terrible situation is itself a damning indictment of the status quo tendencies of the Labour Party.

Still, I’m not going to advocate making a counter-protest in favour of democracy and against people who want to overturn the vote…

It won’t be me because quite frankly, consorting with champagne anarchists is not my style. They are beneath my contempt. Unlike the self-righteous-war-memorial-defacing-anti-democratic-Blitzkriegers, I have a sense of priorities. The last thing people need is a counter-protest and the chaos that would inevitably cause.

Yes, the result was a disaster; so would any of the other possible alternatives.

So what’s so special about the Tories anyway? “Other than one particular corrupt and cynical party” doesn’t mean “better than one particular corrupt and cynical party.”

Actually, there’s something even more worrying than another Tory (or indeed Labour government).

It’s even more worrying that a mob of self-important, foxhunting-hating-but-McDonalds-munching, faux-proletarian-unreconstructed-Trotskyites/Bakuninites/Vulgar-Zinovievites/Acid-Buddha-Spiritual-Economists are descending like vultures upon the city when some of them probably didn’t even take the trouble to vote anyway.

Maybe guilt at not having voted is precisely what drives their rage?

I couldn’t possibly comment.

Oh, how fun it must be to have no responsibilities in life, no duties towards other people, only a nihilistic sense of one’s own grand importance in this cosmos.

Still, how many of them even support Labour anyway? I suspect close to zero. This is not being done in the name of Labour, but some vague, neo-con-worthy notion of Good versus Evil. I doubt many of these people support any mainstream party, although I’m certainly not going to go down and survey them about their enlightened opinions and allegiances, as I’ve got better things to do with my time.

So, it may be a bit rich of them to riot against an elected Tory government when they wouldn’t do so if Labour had been elected; but it’s also a bit rich of them to be rioting when many of them probably hate Labour anyway.

Yes: I am sure most Labour voters and members, like the vast majority of people in the UK, are sickened by this travesty of “social conscience.” I suspect hardly any Labour supporters or voters even support the riots; these “demonstrations” are not pro-Labour demonstrations, and are not even framed as such. They are not anti-Tory either, so much as anti-democracy, i.e. anti-voting.

Yes, the Tories are corrupt and cynical, it’s an old story. The vast majority in the UK have, if not accepted, at least acknowledged that the vote has been taken, and that we are lumbered with yet another corrupt and cynical government.

But the small gang of righteously enraged Twitterati who want to overturn the vote think they know better, right? Would they rather have the BNP/SWP or something like that in charge?

If any of you care about parliamentary democracy at all, i.e. about the importance of acknowledging a fair vote, just look at the comments trending on FB and Twitter. This is not merely a case of people saying they disagree with Tory policies, and it’s not even ad hominem accusations. Something very twisted and sinister is going on here.

Again: I offer my “solidarity,” (excuse the ironic use of a faux-radical rhetorical gesture) to everyone who supports democracy and will acknowledge (not like, not admire, not praise or glorify) the result of a democratic vote.

I’m not being too po-faced here. I am glad that, instead of ranting, I am able to take these events with a large dose of irony, humour and sneering Voltairean grace. ;) It must be a sign of the times. What a peculiar age we live in. Monty Python lives; you know you’ve got problems when people who explicitly and concretely advocate overturning a democratic vote are pretending they are the enemies of “the Orwellians.” But what is being perpetrated by the anti-voting internet mob is the very definition of “Orwellian.”

The enemy of my crap government is not my friend. The enemies of democracy who want to overturn a democratic vote are the enemies of ALL of us. If there’s anything worse than a Tory or Labour government, it’s a mob of self-righteous, conspicuously enlightened radicals who think they are better than everyone else.

So, to speak of “priorities” again. The number one priority is to show contempt and opposition towards radical thugs who are not acknowledging the result of the vote. The fact, corrupt governments of one sort or another will always be with us. But it is a very new and worrying development to see a revolt against democracy itself, on the part of some nihilistic charlatans and tricksters who don’t seem to have such a problem with SWP rape culture; Labour warmongering; economic terrorism conducted against Myanmar, North Korea and other sovereign nation-states via sanctions; or corrupt, unaccountable, racist, imperialistic and Westerncentric institutions like the “International” Criminal Court.

Everyone within the mainstream political spectrum should know who the biggest enemies of democracy are.

It may be that UK democracy faces the biggest threat it has seen in decades, when people are deliberately screaming for the overturning of a fair and democratic vote.

But they will not succeed. As always, when they realise they need some money to feed themselves, these folks will slink off back home their mansions, widescreen TVs and venison Sunday roasts, and that will be the end of their 15 minutes of fame… or should that be, the tedious eclipse of their day in the sun?

There should be zero tolerance for people who oppose the regular, standard voting process for electing governments. The real Orwellians are the Champagne-Anarchists and Classy-Cocaine-Peddling-Hippy-Dharma-Botherers.

There should be no place in the UK for people who oppose the normal, democratic electoral procedures. The citizens of the UK have already chosen the government at the polls. If people raised in a country with a right to vote or not to vote can’t swallow it then they should do the decent thing and go and set up a vulgar-Bakuninite Utopia on the moon or something.

The UK belongs to people who accept the normal, mainstream-political-spectrum, democratic procedures. It doesn’t belong to Orwellians who want to challenge the right to vote, and who are disputing the legitimacy of a poll that they lost fair and square. In the UK, we don’t ask God, Leo Trotsky, Adolf Hitler, Peter Kropotkin, or the latest X Factor winner who our leader should be.

No. We ask individual citizens, and if we don’t like the result, we should have the grace and humility to work within the system and try to hold the legitimately elected government to account as best we can.

And if a cynical, contrarian, universally contemptuous shit-stirrer like Mr TM (of all people) is appealing to the virtue of humility, you know you’ve got problems!

Whether Tories or Labour, the UK will not be the best of all possible worlds. But opposing secular liberal parliamentary democracy and due voting process is NOT the way to improve things here.

There is plenty of time to criticise the Tories. Hopefully Russell Brand will have some things to say, the news media will also point out errors and misdeeds, and everyday life will be a scene of passionate political debate, as it is for some of us.

But what about the people “protesting” and trying to overturn the election result?

It’s faux-radical masturbatory outrage. Nothing more.

Note: I originally posted a similar version of this a social media site to express my views. But I actually think I would like to make these views of mine more public, because something needs to be said about the very worrying developments in London.


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9/12/2001 – Part 2 (Conspiracy Theorists Actually Know This!)

9/12/2001 – Part 2 (Conspiracy Theorists Actually Know This!)

9/12/2001 – THE DAYS AFTER THE UNTHINKABLE HAPPENED (A serial book excerpt)

In Part 1 Flight 93 has accomplished its goal of smashing into the White House, apparently killing President George W. Bush. Secret Service men are now searching for Dick Cheney who is the new President by default.

– – – – – – – – – – –


Dick Cheney was a very lucky man. The Fates seemed to favor him. He was at the east end of the White House, furthest from the impact point. He had been standing, immersed in the incoming news of planes hitting the World Trade Centers in Manhattan when the impact threw him against a wall of books, then to the ground. Continue Reading


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9/11/2001 – The Day After The Unimaginable Happened

9/11/2001 – The Day After The Unimaginable Happened

(A book serial excerpt)

What would have happened had events occurred differently on 9/11?

The aircraft nosed through the mid morning sky. Outside the fuselage it was a sleek bird jetting its way through the air, its wings leaving contrails over the Midwest landscape far below it. It made for a peaceful picture. Or at least from the outside it did.

The plane wobbled occasionally. Lesser experienced hands were at the helm. Still it sailed on majestically, the way it was designed to. Inside there had been a disturbance that could have altered all that, but it was settled now. It sailed onward towards its destination, a new one.

Shortly it came in sight of the metropolis that it sought and began its long descent. The radar was turned off; eyes alone would be controlling its flight at this point.

The low altitude of the plane gave it a magnificent view of the whole city. One could make out the famous landmarks if one knew what to look for. Obvious was the Potomac.

A careful eye could pick out the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian , the Washington Monument.

Shortly the pilots saw their destination. They began a controlled dive. And a chant in a language that those within earshot would not have understand had they still been alive.

Their goal was right before them. The words from their mouths were prayerful and hushed. A moments breath later the plane tore into the White House which a second before had been such a beautiful, majestic building.

“News Update! September 11, 2001 – A fourth passenger airliner has crashed into the White House probably killing President George W. Bush and an as yet unknown number of staff and visitors there.

Flight 93, originally flying over the Midwest to San Francisco, veered back east, crashing intentionally into the center of the White House. All on board are assumed dead.

Witnesses say they saw the plane veer down, taking a low altitude over central D.C., then crash directly into the Presidential building. A huge explosion rocked the structure moments later and now a thick flume of smoke rises from it.

A few survivors managed to get out of the East and West Wings relatively unharmed, but badly shaken. The President, who was to have gone on a trip to Texas, had to cancel at the last minute and is known to have been in the White House at the time of the horrific crash.

It is believed that a terrorist group is responsible for the attack and that it is most likely the same group is responsible for the crashes at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.”

To the astute security personnel left alive in the vicinity of the White House it was obvious that their head boss was dead. Security turned the situation over to the Secret Service, those who were left and still functional, to find their new leader and get him to safety.

The search began for Dick Cheney.



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The Convenience of Misogyny? Kerry, Clinton, the White-Knight-Industrial Complex (2/2)

The Convenience of Misogyny? Kerry, Clinton, the White-Knight-Industrial Complex (2/2)

Continuing what I said yesterday about about John Kerry’s ethically problematic text on war rape and its pro-“Humanity” implications…

Of course, there is fierce market competition among the The Party of Humanity, rather as there are among all religious cults, sects, and militant creeds in general.

But of course, what unifies each of these Communities of (Absolute) Truth is a tendency to diminish and trivialize the suffering of individuals. Continue Reading


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The Convenience of Misogyny? Kerry, Clinton, the White-Knight-Industrial Complex (1/2)

The Convenience of Misogyny? Kerry, Clinton, the White-Knight-Industrial Complex (1/2)

As Hillary Clinton has announced she is running for the US Presidency, it is probably a good time to take a broader look at the potential pitfalls of politicians being presented as “feminists,” however defined.

I don’t dispute that feminism (however defined) is a good thing.

But there is nothing “innocent” about prominent political figures portrayed in glowing ethical terms (even when the presentation is only being made by their supporters).

Instead of speaking directly about Clinton, I am going to talk about another matter first, to better illustrate (I hope) the problem of complicity between misogyny and superficial appeals to purportedly “feminist” idealism.

More precisely: I am not sure that there has been enough critical analysis of the rather prominent and surprisingly timely “Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict” of 2014.

For it is as though, because rape is an appalling crime (which it certainly is), the presumed good intentions of those who present themselves as opposing rape should be deemed in itself an argument in favor of the proceedings of the summit.

I say “presumed,” because I do not think the question of sincerity or insincerity is the most important consideration here. And in any case, questions of motivation are speculative, and often rest on over-simplistic and inappropriately reductionist notions of human psychology that I consider to be untenable.

So the question of what may or may not motivate John Kerry, William Hague or others, is not necessarily the most important question, as compared to the implications of what has been formulated and pronounced at the summit.

But more crucially, in terms of implication and not motivation, there is such a thing as what I call the corporatist “politics of decency.” This is the politics of opposing misogyny, racism, homophobia, or other prejudices (held by people across the whole political spectrum) on a distorted basis.

That is: these phenomena are always opposed solely because such prejudices harm individuals (which they certainly do); but also (at least partly) because they are, in the words of a certain kind of conspicuously benevolent person in the UK, “bad form.”

Still, while there may be cases where some are opposed to war rape because the topic of rape is “unpleasant,” “uncomfortable…”

Or perhaps even because it is a topic that allows The Universal League of Socially Just Vanillamen to rally around The Right Side…

Well, all this is no substitute for explicitly emphasizing how Crimes Against Women harm individuals.

On this note, see John Kerry’s deeply problematic text on an embassy website (also published in the London Evening Standard some time ago):

No hyperlink included. If you aren’t prepared to copy and paste this, then you aren’t prepared to put the time in to think about how problematic the issues under discussion are.

That’s right son, I’m being patronizing. Because speaking of “patronizing…”

Well, the article in question says:

Sexual violence plagues every country. It is not just (sic) a domestic criminal justice issue. Acts of sexual violence demean our (sic) collective (sic) humanity (sic).

Not just? No comment.

Our? Who is “we?”

What is humanity, and precisely what is collective about it? Maybe ask old Uncle Joe or Pol Pot how that collective humanity thing is going.

And then:

They make us all (sic) less secure, less prosperous (sic) and less free. So there are few causes worthier (sic) of international (sic) co-operation (sic).

Us all? It always worries me when white, comfortably-off male politicians from influential nation-states say this. Surely it’s for others to say?

Less prosperous? At first I was tempted to ask myself whether this was an unfortunate Freudian slip from someone in Kerry’s speech-writing team; but on balance, I think it’s just a bad choice of words. Still, it does seem somewhat ugly to be talking about prosperity, (which presumably includes material prosperity), in a context like this.

Few causes? What kind of vulgar-Benthamite calculus is in play here? So there aren’t that many, but perhaps this one can be put in near the top somewhere, maybe?

International? You mean like the so-called “International Community,” or “IntCom?”

(By the way, using the term IntCom doesn’t mean you agree with everything written by Chomsky, the person who apparently coined the term in question. That should go without saying, but I think one can afford to take very little for granted here).

Co-operation? Nice idea, in general. When are you people (from both parties) going to finally get around to that one then?

Still, we must proceed.

Charge One: Abstraction

Kerry’s text, albeit unintentionally, has a trivializing effect towards rape as an infringement of individual liberty. His essay backgrounds the individual character of rape, implicitly denying the (again) individual and contextual character of each crime. So it is as though there were only “Rape in General;” the latter phrase is not found in the essay, but appears to be implicit in essay’s framing of rape.

Or at least, on a marginally more charitable reading, there are rapes against individuals, yes; but these are somehow, in some vague and indeterminate manner, subordinate to the abstract, falsely universal, implicit notion of “Rape in General.”

But how? Well, as you can see from the quote above, the essay subordinates and subsumes every individual’s experience into a certain notoriously vague, fluffy, and emotive abstraction; “our collective humanity,” which like so many other cheap rhetorical terms, is easily interchangeable with largely synonymous words.

So what other terms are implied here? While Kerry’s piece does not use the phrase, it appears that the “person” harmed in rape is none other than:

“Our Common Humanity.”

(Or ComHum, as I tend to call it).

It is as thought the text were irritably murmuring under its breath:

“Crimes against mere paltry, meagre, isolated individuals are bad enough… but crimes against ‘Humanity’ are absolutely intolerable!”

This collectivist tactic (or if you prefer a less loaded and more high-faluting term, this holistic tactic), risks distracting the more unwary reader from the only thing that counts; individual suffering. The article plays down and de-emphasises the horror of rape, by combining an apparently gestural acknowledgment of the pernicious character of this crime, with a backgrounding of the very depravity of such an abhorrent Crime Against Individuals.

Hence, unbeknownst to Kerry, the essay risks assisting the Global Justice Liberation Front in enlisting, in a most disreputable manner, those “allies” or “assistants” who might otherwise find the topic of rape too upsetting or disturbing to talk about in more blunt or crude terms…

Even though it is hard to see how such euphemistic rhetoric can be appropriately associable with a crime so raw, vicious, and ultimately barbaric.

Hence, despite the best efforts of the writers and speaker to focus on the real issue, the text risks achieving little more than inadvertently shoring up the credentials of Kerry and his party (and of the broader US or even Western political establishment)…

Presenting once again the credentials of a certain limited number of individuals as “lovers of Humanity.”

This piece will be continued tomorrow. It’s an important topic around which a lot of cant and false piety tends to circulate, so it may be worth reading further.


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What Would Allah Do?

What Would Allah Do?

If the Shi’ites were fighting the Sunni’s what would Allah want?

He say for them to lay down their arms and realize that they are brothers of the same faith.

If a Moslem country’s leaders were demonizing other countries to make them look bad, what would Allah do?

He would say ”My children, look to your own lives and the ways to improve it. Do not cast your sight abroad to look for the sins your own soul reflects.” Continue Reading


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N.Y. Police Turning Backs On de Blasio Illustrate Exactly Where The City’s Problems Lie

N.Y. Police Turning Backs On de Blasio Illustrate Exactly Where The City’s Problems Lie

The New York Police twice turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio during his speeches at the funerals of two slain officers gives a strong indication of exactly where their whole racial problem started.

The police showing disrespect for the Mayor and a total lack of ability to see his point of view is the heart of the problem that has plagued the NYPD for decades. Continue Reading


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For Once I Agree With The Republicans- IMMIGRATION!

For Once I Agree With The Republicans- IMMIGRATION!

I am glad Obama is finally standing up to the Republicans who have been kneecapping him since day one of his Presidency. It is just too bad that it isn’t over a better subject- immigration.

The truth is- the boat is full. We have enough people in this country already. We have massive unemployment with the people we have already. We don’t need anymore. We need to take care of the people we have here already- OUR people. Continue Reading


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The Price That Makes A Joke Of All Life

The Price That Makes A Joke Of All Life

Just how much is to be expected out of a human in this so-called great United States of America of ours?

My mother worked hard all her life, either raising four children in a rat-assed Midwest dying industrial town or living her lonely life after the ugly divorce from a man who had been unfaithful once the kids were grown and gone.

At a certain time there should be a period of rest and retirement in ones life, or at least it was that way in the America she grew up in in the 30’s and 40’s. She ended up working until shortly before her death at the age of 82. And that is having to work HARD. Continue Reading


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Santa Barbara Killer’s Motive Baffles Eggheads, Know-It-All Professors

Santa Barbara Killer’s Motive Baffles Eggheads, Know-It-All Professors

Santa Barbara, CA – As the country tries to make sense of the recent tragedy in California, the nation’s elite are always quick to point out the answers to those of us who aren’t nearly as smart as they are.

Elliott Rodger killed six people last week in southern California before taking his own life. He left behind a book of a manifesto giving a glimpse inside his deranged mind. From this manifesto, many a pundit and professor has come forward with their typical knee-jerk reactions to what caused the crime in the first place. Continue Reading


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The NFL’s Big Taxpayer Heist

The NFL’s Big Taxpayer Heist

Now that the Super Bowl is over and you are either in euphoric heaven or the depths of despair depending upon your gridiron loyalties, let me proceed to burst your little bubble: the NFL is ripping you off.

Due to an old tax code created when the NFL and the AFL joined in 1966 they get to enjoy tax exempt status.

The NFL makes $9.5 billion a year.

Yes, $9.5 billion. How much do you make? How much of that is taxes? Continue Reading


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Woody Allen–A (Inappropriate) Touching Story

Woody Allen–A (Inappropriate) Touching Story

Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, finally came out in the open, to the world, about the abuse she suffered at the hand of her adopted father, Woody Allen. This is my reaction.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a Woody Allen movie. Maybe in the 80s? I don’t know why, but the luster wore away from one of two things, either he wasn’t funny anymore, or well, just that. I didn’t find his films as entertaining as I once did. Or maybe it was about the time the news hit that he had been cheating on his wife (common law), Mia Farrow, with his (kinda-sorta) step-daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. I remember how sickened I felt. Continue Reading


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New Pot Laws May Save/Destroy Education System in America

New Pot Laws May Save/Destroy Education System in America

After seeing how much money Colorado made in just the first week of implementing its law allowing the use of recreational marijuana, New Hampshire is hurrying through legislation of its own with a vote scheduled today.

With a hefty 25% state tax, coupled with the usual 2.9% state sales tax on recreational marijuana, Colorado is finally looking at enough money to re-vamp its entire educational system. Washington state will follow later this year, and now several other states are hurrying through legislation to legalize recreational marijuana to attain the same goal.

The latest to vote on making recreational marijuana legal in their state is New Hampshire. A hastily put-together bill is scheduled to take place today, where it is expected to eke by, but still pass. At that point, New Hampshire will be the third state to make up to an ounce of recreational marijuana legal to possess.

That is, unless the Governor of New Hampshire makes good on her promise. Governor Maggie Hassan has vowed to veto the bill if it passes the Senate and House. New Hampshire may be in for a long legal battle as a goodly portion of the citizens of New Hampshire see a way out of educational poverty for their state. Continue Reading


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Opponents of SeaTac’s Minimum Wage Push-Polled me, Obviously Running Scared

Opponents of SeaTac’s Minimum Wage Push-Polled me, Obviously Running Scared

There’s a dirty trick in politics called the push poll. That’s when pollsters seek to sway the election by sowing seeds of doubt. Bush did it (successfully) against McCain, and the No On Prop-1 people in Seatac tried it on me. Continue Reading


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Things We Should Have Learned From the Recession

Things We Should Have Learned From the Recession

Warning- This is an unfunny article.

Things we should have learned from the recession:

That when the chips are down and they are losing money, the big companies will give up their Ann Rand for Karl Marx and take bailout money from the government which is the worst type of socialism there ever was. Continue Reading


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Poll: Majority Concede Overt Racist Moseley Likely Right

Poll: Majority Concede Overt Racist Moseley Likely Right

ENGLAND – In the wake of Thursday’s vicious attack in London, a new poll finds that a majority of the British public now believe the fascist leader Oswald Moseley was right when he condemned liberal immigration policies in the 1950s.

A survey commissioned by The Times on Monday which polled twenty-thousand people came back with 56 percent in favor of Moseley’s positions, 40 percent against, and 4 percent answering “I’m a multiculturalist-Liberal-Democratic-Faggot.” Continue Reading


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