God’s People SHALL Prevail!

It may be that some of my dear friends are Jews, and are not ‘out’ yet. I have no words of false comfort to offer you about the current situation in the UK, in Europe, in the Occident and indeed the entire world; what I will say, however, is that you are a nation of princes and queens, and there are some of us who have NOT forgotten. You are LOVED.
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Don’t Let the Radical Socialist Corbyn Get his Reichstag Fire!

Jeremy Corbyn wants Brexit to be his Reichstag Fire. Be careful! Don’t let your desperation for regaining our freedom blind to the danger he poses our people. Anyone who votes for a representative of antisemitism is an accomplice in his evil deeds. Not an accusation: a reminder of how high the stakes are.
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How Much We Do Forget – Our Fights With Cuba, Iran and Socialism And How We Caused Them

My, My! How much we do forget!

Obama tried to connect with our old foes Cuba and Iran to smooth out the decades old conflicts and make the world a more friendly place. However, now Mr. President Grinch has decided to throw them back to the corner of the ring and start boxing with them again. Sigh! Some dictators always need a punching bag enemy to entertain their publics.

We say that Cuba is our enemy because they are communist and that the Russians tried to put missiles there against us. All true, but what made them become communist? Don’t know? It’s because that is one of the many things those history books in high school that we hated so much didn’t tell us about. It is an embarrassing part of our legacy- we supported a dictator. His name was Batista. Although at first a genuine hero of Cuba and a Socialist (!), he later de-evolved into the worst of the Franco clones of that time, torturing perceived enemies and repressing Constitutional rights, including ones he himself introduced in 1940. He let American interests seize control of most of Cuba’s major businesses ( the golden phone in the Godfather 2 movie was a real thing!) in return for kickbacks and let the American mafia turn the island into a literal brothel. Read more How Much We Do Forget – Our Fights With Cuba, Iran and Socialism And How We Caused Them


Open Letter to Suffering Autism Parents

NB: This is a longer version of the letter first published on Autistic Dark Web.

Dear Autism Parents

It is too easy to say the militant autism lobby are speaking ‘not in my name.’ I mean, it’s true, but it probably doesn’t help much. The uncomfortable truth is simply this: these people are vicious, and vindictive, and there is just no end to their hate. Autism parents should have a voice. So should freethinking autistic people. That’s why the Autistic Dark Web was set up (including the website).

I hope the time will come when people who disagree with the mainstream fanatics will have more of a voice. I’m not just fighting for myself, but for other future generations. I hope you will not be put off by the thuggish hooligan tactics of these doctrinaire true believers. It’s like arguing with Communists or the Alt Right. Hopefully things will change one day soon.

The treatment of people like Judith Newman is an absolute disgrace. Just as Ayatollah Khameini notoriously said ‘There are no jokes in Islam,’ so also do the neurodiversity lobby say ‘there are no jokes in autism.’ Any lightheartedness, or indeed any dark humour, is verboten. It’s all about ‘subject positions.’ The Oppressor cannot speak. The Oppressed can say whatever they want. If you believe this is simplistic, you are not wrong at all. It is beyond simplistic. It is of the very essence of doctrinaire ideological rhetoric.

I cannot singlehandedly change the world.

Nor can any other individual from the Autistic Dark Web. But all of us, whether liberal, conservative, socialist, libertarian, centrist, populist, whatever…

We are doing our best, however imperfectly, to fight for a world where YOUR voices will be heard as well.

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Suicide May Be Rational, But it is NEVER Reasonable

Suicide may be the ‘rational’ thing to do.

It may be ‘expedient.’

It may be perfectly in accordance with worldly wisdom, and perfectly in line with worldly morality.

But worldly wisdom and worldly morality are incomplete for a reason.

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The Living Death of Theresa May: How Long Can London’s Most Notorious Political Zombie Cling On?

George Osborne notoriously (some would say renownedly!) compared Theresa May to a ‘dead woman walking.’

But it’s worse.

It’s far, far worse.

People are even comparing her to Anthony Eden, often considered the worst PM in UK history; although Tony Blair is obviously a close second, after sending my country to war on the basis of deliberately fabricated intelligence.

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Brexit Britain is Easy Fodder for Satirists: but They Should Learn from 18th-Century Masters How to do it Properly

File 20181008 72117 16pza3c.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Artwork courtesy of Richard LIttler (scarfolk.blogspot.com)

Adam J Smith, York St John University

If you thought satire was dead in the age of Brexit and Trump, then a quick look at social media should pretty quickly disabuse you of that illusion. Search “Festival of Brexit Britain” if you want a picture of satire’s bright future. Theresa May’s recent announcement that she wants the UK to hold a national festival in 2022 to celebrate leaving the EU prompted an avalanche of humorous memes – including the illustration by the artist Richard Littler at the top of this article.

The question is, though: are we witnessing a revival of satire as a far more prolific and potent form than ever before – or, because of the sheer numbers of people using social media to try to make humorous points, are we seeing its dilution to the point of redundancy? Read more


Broadcasting Rules are Killing Political Satire – Thank Heavens for the Internet

File 20170605 31050 1p8uvz3.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Jonathan Pie/YouTube

Allaina Kilby, University of Nottingham

Political journalists, especially during elections, should provide balanced news coverage of parties and scrutinise each parties’ political agendas to help properly inform the public. Sadly this is an ideal that is all-too-rarely realised. The 2015 election was reported as a horse race, the EU referendum starved voters of the facts about Brexit and coverage of this year’s election campaign has been more about demonising Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn than in taking a close look at the rival parties’ policy platforms.

And, as ever, major parties are making it as hard as possible for the public to make an informed choice by adopting tightly controlled campaign strategies where they refrain from answering direct questions from journalists and engaging with voters.

These trends are problematic, because they can unfairly influence our understanding of political parties and their policies. Nevertheless, they are key ingredients for an atmosphere that is ripe for political satire. Satire, after all, attempts to focus on the unanswered questions and clarify the underlying morality of the political landscape. It’s a practice that American TV satire has capitalised on over the past 17 years thanks to the rise of professionalised politics and a highly partisan media. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for example, left a legacy of engaging political critique now adopted by shows such as Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Sam Bee’s Full Frontal. Read more


Three Things We Can all Learn From People Who Don’t Use Smartphones or Social Media

File 20180919 146148 ymdeqb.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
‘Someone likes me.’

Rowland Atkinson, University of Sheffield and Mariann Hardey, Durham University

Many of us spend hours every day tethered to our devices, pawing at the screen to see if it will deliver a few more likes or emails, monitoring the world and honing our online presence. Social networking platforms such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are supposed to make us feel more connected. Yet our reliance on technology to “see” the social world around us can be a heavy burden.

The Pew Research Centre recently reported that about a quarter of US adults say they are “almost constantly” online. Stress, addiction, depression and anxiety seem unsurprising consequences of using social platforms often specifically designed to keep us repeating the same actions over and over again.

Even so, many would find the prospect of living offline worrisome, or simply impossible. That’s why we undertook a small study with 50 people who may seem nothing less than social outcasts in today’s screen saturated environment. None of our participants used social media or had a mobile phone, and most even refused to email.

We wanted to understand why these people had decided to switch off, and how they managed it. But rather than seeking quick fixes for overuse, we explored the principles and values that drove our participants to live the way they do. Much has already been written about how we can switch off – but that won’t achieve much, unless we really feel the benefits.

Here’s what our respondents said they’d learned, from living their social lives offline. Read more


#Revolution: How the Humble Hashtag Changed World Politics

File 20181029 76408 2vkpwi.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Changing the times.

Joanna Rozpedowski, Durham University

From fashion trends to global events, the hashtag (#) has become the conspicuous symbol of the Twittersphere. What only a decade ago denoted a numerical symbol of no special significance or attribution is now a call to arms for causes that are many and varied.

The “#” is a social organiser, which emerged spontaneously and dynamically from the content generated and updated by social media users. The initial intent behind the “#”, when Twitter launched in 2006, lay in its simple use as a means of organising data and information. An indexing tool for grouping anything from the politically relevant to the culturally hip, the “#” soon found itself aligned with some of the most significant events in history. Read more


History of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st every year in several countries where people wear strange outfits to drive away ghosts.

It was in the eighteenth century that Pope Gregory III proposed 1st of November to honour all saints. The evening before the All Saints Day was then considered as the All Hallows Eve and later called Halloween. After a period of time, Halloween evolved as an activity which included trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, and eating sweet treats. Read more History of Halloween


Power and the Abuse of Language: A Rant by Rashad the Cackler

[The homeless old man, Rashad the Cackler is back with another rant. Enjoy as he spills his guts to passersby on a big city street corner.]

We’ve got these democratic, capitalistic societies we’re so proud of. That’s how we “progress,” right? By voting and making money and buying stuff we don’t need.

I’ve been trying to figure out, though, why politicians and pundits make a fetish out of the word “appropriate.” I saw it once on CNN: it was a typical American political negotiation. President Trump had dragged a Democratic senator’s wife into the Oval Office and ordered his henchmen to gang rape her right in front of the senator and his children. They went to town on her, because it was televised so they had to make it a spectacle. I saw a Taser and a cat o’ nine tails and a flaming trident. A donkey got in on the action, and in the end they cut her up into ribbons and vacuumed her remains off the carpet.
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From Fake News to Fake Profiles: Beware Feeble Imitations! (4-Chan & Reddit Fake Accounts of Wallace Runnymede)

I have just found out that I have been paid the ‘compliment’ of being impersonated online on 4-chan and Reddit. I am contacting the moderators of Reddit, to try and get the fake account closed down.
Fortunately, there are some obvious red flags. For example, one post says: Read more From Fake News to Fake Profiles: Beware Feeble Imitations! (4-Chan & Reddit Fake Accounts of Wallace Runnymede)


To ‘Kowtow’ – An Unfortunate New Habit Imported From China

Act in an excessively subservient manner.
“She didn’t have to kowtow to a boss.”
Grovel to, be obsequious to, be servile to, be sycophantic to, fawn over/on, cringe to, bow and scrape to, toady to, truckle to, abase oneself before, humble oneself to.
Kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom.
Prostrate oneself before, bow (down) to/ before, genuflect to/before, do/make obeisance to/before, fall on one’s knees before, kneel before
“They kowtowed to the Emperor.”

(Definition courtesy of Wikipedia)

Kowtow is a Chinese word that we Westerners and, yes, we Americans are starting to learn the true meaning of. It means to bow down before someone, to grovel, to be subservient. Unfortunately, we are doing it increasingly towards the inventors of the word. Read more To ‘Kowtow’ – An Unfortunate New Habit Imported From China