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Amy Poehler SCANDAL! Is new Netflix Series a GRUDGE BOMB Against Tina Fey?????

NEW YORK – Netflix’s new hit show, Russian Doll, is just a ploy by a vengeful Amy Poehler to get back at her friend and fellow comedian Tina Fey, following Fey’s repeated success in writing TV shows, and Poehler’s lack…

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Glossy News Exclusive: Sean Hannity’s Secret… That Everybody Already Knows

Washington, DC- For most Americans, Sean Hannity is known as a fiery conservative mouth piece who nightly uses his influence to stoke the fires of division, with the subtlety and nuance of a sloppy wet fart. But behind those pearly…

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Judge Judy’s Guide to Life

Hi. My name’s Judge Judy. Welcome to my courtroom. You obviously have seen me on TV telling stupid imbeciles wasting my time to go get a life! I’m here today to teach you all the formula on how to become…

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God Condemns Conservative Bullies for Opining on Comedy

Dateline: D.C.—Conservatives condemned Michelle Wolf’s comedic speech at the 2018 White House Press correspondents’ dinner, until God reminded them they have no sense of humour because they’re bullies.

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London Man Dines with Cheese on his Face in Reality TV Show

A London man has appeared in the Reality TV dinner dating show ‘Love Luncheon’ with cheese on his face. Reality TV star Ted Stilton told Glossy News:

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Dancing On Ice back in Full Swing: A New Series & 12 Brand New Contestants

Dancing On Ice may not have been on our screens since 2014, but 12 celebrities are back in the mix to set our screens alight with some hopefully entertaining, and maybe even, stunning, performances. But who are this year’s contestants?

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