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County Joe’s ‘Fixin’ To Die Rag’ From Woodstock Rebooted For Our Modern Iran Dilemma

Back in the height of the Vietnam era a little ditty made it onto the airwaves that protested the undeclared war in a darkly humorous way. It was called “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag” by Country Joe…

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EDGY POEM! Spacking Out (Autism v Artistry, The Light Side of a Dark Affliction!)

My jeans are on backwards and tattered legs Not quite a six-pack, more of a party keg Don’t need a wingman, don’t need no aid Think I’ll just sit at home and write dystopia instead If you think my eyes…

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WTF?! Clumsy Corbyn Compares “Labour Against Antisemitism” Speech to “Million Hour Long Wagner Opera!” FFS!

Flamboyantly PC bitter 60s throwback Jeremy ‘Jihadi Jez’ Corbyn (not to be confused with bitter 30s throwback Nick Griffin of a rival radical socialist party) has made a surprisingly uncharacteristic gaffe to complement his ‘Zionist Media Conspiracy,‘ ‘Jewish Privilege’ and…

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American Cow Pie

Authors Note: This is a Parody of Don Mclean’s Classic American Pie. I wrote this during the financial crisis at the beginning of the Obama Administration. It’s interesting to look back at how much has changed, and yet, how little…

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Lady Gaga Has Second Thoughts About Her “Do What You Want (With My Body)” Duet With R. Kelly.

Lady Gaga now regrets the song she did together with the popular pervert, proliferator of pubescent pornography and deflowerer of underage girls and perhaps small furry animals R. Kelly. The Ga now says of her 2013 conjugal ditty that ‘Do…

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Tupac Parody! California Liberal (An Ode to White Liberal Guilt)

The White Liberal Community have now released a rap in order to try and justify their ridiculous ideology and attitude. Interestingly enough, most POC in the United States of America and worldwide have rejected the hypocritical, sactimonious virtue-signalling of this…

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