Jeremy Clarkson to Launch Brand New Singing Career

The official and ultimate Dad-rock-lover’s favourite, Jeremy Clarkson, is now taking his swagger to the most renowned Centrist Dad place of all:

80s adult-oriented rock!

Here are a few of the special classics we can now expect to hear from suburban Southern England’s finest:

Hit me Lunchboy, One More Time! (Britney Spears)

Highway to Chipping Norton (AD/DC)

Living Next Door to Cameron (Smokie)

I’ve Got a Brand New Volkswagen, but I’m Trying Not to Make an Offensive Joke About it This Time (The Wurzels)

However, let’s see how he gets on with his impending court case, after his latest hilarious assault incident. See yesterday’s article by Stephen Philip Druce!

Hold on to your gearsticks…

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