“Deep State”? Or Is It More Likely A “Deep Oligarchy”?

The right has made much ado about there being a “Deep State”- a massive and deeply underground unification of different government agencies all bent on curtailing our freedoms. The interesting thing is that in past decades such talk during Republican rule has mocked such ideas, such as during the 1980’s when we all believed that the CIA was all seeing and all knowing. In our modern times the right has used the same idea to try and dethrone Obama and anyone adhering to similar ideas as his.

Now the opposite is happening. FOX pundits and far rightists are claiming that a “Deep State” is attempting to subvert our way of live and to subject us even with Trump at the helm. The ironic thing about this claim is that these ideas are more that likely an attempt by a “Deep Oligarchy” to try to subvert the government of the United States itself. And it is working!!!

The Right is making a red carpet to taking over governmental agencies with this story of a hidden government at the Federal level. But who is putting forth these accusations? How about those corporations and wealthy, power seeking individuals who would profit from a major decline in governmental oversight. The Koch brothers, the pharmaceutical, oil, and energy companies, cattle ranchers and all other moneyed entities that would dominate the U.S. both economically and juridically if they could. Also Trump and his supporters are accusing the FBI and CIA of being such due to their investigations of him.

This “Deep Oligarchy” would explain a lot of things- the viscous attacks on people like Elisabeth Warren who has not done a thing to harm anyone but to make sure that regulations are in place to protect the average citizens. From out of nowhere nasty campaigns have come about to discredit her and taint her character. Nasty maligning of left wing candidates and individuals supporting needed change or limiting moneyed interests have come under attack almost with the viciousness the Nazi’s used to disown anyone (especially Jews) who were not in lock step with their plans.

A Deep Oligarchy was seemingly behind the quick demise of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The title of this wrongly named movement brought out a lot of protectors of the monetary status quo to squelch it before it really did occupy the only street in America that many phony patriots care about. ( The name Occupy Wall Street was probably a mistake, giving the organization too aggressive sounding.) The right was quick to denounce and slander them with every button pushing name they could think of -communists, radicals , terrorists, socialists. etc. without ever recognizing that they were voicing the sentiments that may housewives, school teachers and regular citizens were finding.

At any rate, the Deep Oligarchy has found an outlet and a savior in the pimple known as Donald Trump. Although declaring himself an Interdependent he has become the Fuhrer for the billionaire class. The amazing thing is that he has succeeded in doing it in the way that corrupt socialist leaders have succeeded in doing it in eastern Europe and Latin America- by wooing the working class and poor.


Glossy News Exclusive: Sean Hannity’s Secret… That Everybody Already Knows

Washington, DC- For most Americans, Sean Hannity is known as a fiery conservative mouth piece who nightly uses his influence to stoke the fires of division, with the subtlety and nuance of a sloppy wet fart. But behind those pearly white capped teeth, that perfectly coiffed hair piece, and that ‘more square than square’ jaw line, Sean Hannity is hiding a terrible secret.

“His mouth smells like a butt hole,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace confided to me last week as we sipped Bloody Mary’s and nibbled on Gorgonzola cheese. “It’s why the bulk of his interviews take place via satellite. Most guests say yes to an in studio visit the first time they’re invited… But rarely do they say yes a second time.”

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Fox News Host Carlson Accuses Meteorologist of Political Bias

Washington, DC- Conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson surprised viewers when he leveled accusations of political bias against Fox News Senior Meteorologist and weekend cohost of Fox and Friends, Rick Reichmuth, during a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, last Wednesday night.

For the last segment of the broadcast, Carlson brought in Reichmuth to discuss the effects of Hurricane Willa, which made landfall on the west coast of Mexico, late Tuesday evening. For the first half of the segment, the two hosts appeared amicable as they discussed “the global warming hoax,” accusing both liberal groups and scientists of having a conflict of interest when it came to environmental issues.

“Obviously these people have a vested interest in climate change,” a furious Carlson told his viewers.

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Brian’s Funny Youtube Playlists: Part 2!


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