Tucker Carlson Versus the Girl Scouts of America

Fox News Tucker Carlson

New York, (Fox News) Tucker Carlson as a guest on Fox and Friends doubled down on his rant on the hoax that is called “White Supremacy” by asking:

If it is such a problem where are the Goose Steppers, Brown Shirts and Sambo (sic) Brown belts? Have you seen any lynchings? No! Well I rest my case. White Supremacy is a steaming soup of slimey slug s**t cooked up and served to ignorant Americans by pustulant “pinkocrats.”

You know what the real problem is? Lesbians infiltrating the Girl Scouts of America (GSA).

That’s right, the flower of our womanhood is being subversively groomed for a life of sapphic perversion by these twisted sisters. At one time the GSA was associated with such luminaries as Nancy Reagan, Dr. Joyce Brothers and Queen Latifa but the latter day “femanazis” have turned it into a godless organization that aligns itself with anti-abortion groups.

For Christ’s sake they even accepted Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, that antichurch, socialist immigrant. Good for the people of Queens who are boycotting the sales of Girl Scout cookies in her district. That is what you have to do with unpatriotic scum like the GSA—bring it to its economic knees and deport all the bull dykes.

By the way, the fake news story circulating that Justice Jeanine was kicked out of the GSA for stealing troop funds is just that—fake news! Justice Jeanine tells me, and I have no reason not to believe her, it was a cheap smear for blowing the whistle on Troop Leader Lilith Finkelstein for groping her on a camping trip.

When asked by reporters on the way out of the Fox News building what his reaction was to the latest leaked court documents that show Pirro in fact was dismissed from Troop No. 40323 of Elmira, NY for fast fingering the cookie money and also (in a shocking revelation) Sean Hannity’s cousin. For the first time in his career Carlson said:

No comment!

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Tucker Carlson, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Author: Lew Tuck