End of the Gay Dinosaurs: Fox News Steals the March on Glossy News

What do Fox News folks think about homosexuality and the end of the dinosaurs? Will male-on-male love bring about the end of the human species, just as it ended the reign of the dinosaurs?

Bill O’Reilly

Well, who’s to say? I don’t know. Maybe they just got gay-feminist-transdarwinist-cultural-marxist-crony-socialist-union-thug-gun-hating-dino-flu.

I mean, hell, I’m just throwing that one out there! I never said I had all the answers.

Glenn Beck

Oh, oh, ohhhhhh, oh my gosh, it’s just so, so sad to see an entire civilization of such splendor and grandeur on its knees, begging to be f***’d by some dirty, filthy reptiles! Boo hoo hooooooooooooo! ;(

Rush Limbaugh

FFS! Are these guys actually for real?… Oh, oh, OH my f***in’ GOD, that is just so GODDAMNED IMPIOUS! Send those filthy-mouthed little bastards back to hell!

Sean Hannity

Hah! I always knew those guys were frickin’ assholes! Just look at those flaming dino douchebags acting like stupid dicks. These guys just piss me off! Frickin’ LOSERS!!!!!


Note: This article is based on an earlier blog post on my ‘Wallace Runnymede’ blog. The blog post, in turn, was inspired by a graphic satirizing Fox News, and presenting this achingly ‘fär und gebalanzet’ shock-jock outlet as posing some disturbing questions about the fall of the dinosaurs. After a while, the link seemed to fail, and I can no longer find the original graphic. Like Ben Carson and Jeb Bush, it seems to have gone the way of the dodo…?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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