Articles of the Year: Which Satire Stories Got the Most Clicks????



It’s the end of the year again, and it’s time to look at the very best satire articles of the year, here at Glossy News. Make sure you share this! 😉

Leaving aside the webmaster (Brian K. White, who has not generally been writing satire articles this year) and the editor, (Wallace Runnymede) the most-read story is by newcomer Fort Nag. We’ll tell you more about those later: for now, the key point is our great writers!

1. Global Warming Bias

Fox News Host Carlson Accuses Meteorologist of Political Bias

2: Trump’s Leaked Tax Returns

Veteran Glossy News humorist Dan Geddes (also editor of The Satirist) stole the show with a VERY late December rally. This one, about Trump’s tax returns, scored a hefty 2nd place.

SAD! Trump’s ‘FAKE’ Tax Returns Leaked to New York Times!

3. Viennese Therapy

Alice Soref’s unusual piece on psychoanalysis also did very well indeed.

4. Sex Robot Revolution

… And so did a very innovative concept from Nathan Bowler!

Free the Sprocket: Sex Robots To Have Their Own Sexual Revolution

5. Can’t Hack Dat

And like Dan, Mark Wilt had another late rally in December!

I was Hacked! ME! And I am Furious! Hot, Hot, HATE!

6. Total Trump Time

New writer Richard Selzer’s first instalment in his series of Trumpisms did very well as well!

EPIC TRUMPISMS! (P.S. Welcome Richard Seltzer… Please Share!) 😉

7. Sex and Strange Directions

A Morgan did fairly well for clicks with her observational humor.

Things That People Don’t Think About When They Have Sex or Reproduce!

8. There but for the Grace…

And Grace’s story about a VERY lucky felon did well too.

Teacher Accused of MURDERING 2 people! Guess How She Makes Bail…

9. Meme Mayhem

Glossy News stalwart rfreed got most clicks for his memes!

Trump Memes: The Ideas Just Keep Presenting Themselves!

10. Oh wad some gift…

A MOST bizarre concept from Dave Grossman. Well played, sir!

We’re looking forward to an AMAZING 2020 of incredible satire, humor, comedy and parodies.

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