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No Hate, No Fear! The Heartwarming Story of One Courageous Athlete Sex Offender who Rose Above the Stigma!

LAKEWOOD—A Lakewood High School multi-sport star athlete is facing charges of sexual assault following an incident alleged to have occurred in October, 2018. Joshua “Dusty” Delroy appeared in court for his indictment surrounded by family and members of the three…

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Utah Jazz Lose Half Their Team: New ‘Magic Underpants’ Rule Remains a Sore Point!

Formerly even less non-renowned basketball team Utah Jazz have recently lost their mojo, with their fanatical new Mormon Fundamentalist leader, Pickney H. Jonestonne, alienating droves of players with his unusual dress code. Although Utah Jazz players under previous managerial regimes…

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Redskins Owner Won’t Rule Out Signing Kareem Hunt

Washington, DC- On Monday, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder refused to rule out signing former Kansas City Chiefs Running back, Kareem Hunt, after he was released by his team on Friday. Hunt was a standout star for the AFC leading…

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World’s First Leper Ice Hockey Tournament Breaks Off in Disarray

Yesterday’s first hockey tournament final for the leper community was a complete disaster! The first ten minutes saw a number of unexpected face-offs; and by the time they got to half-way, it was already too difficult to pick up the…

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Can Fish & Man Live in Peace?! George Bush Caught Up in Appalling Swimming Costume Drama…

In a comical oversight, Ex-President of the United States George Bush forgot to take his swimming costume with him at Washington’s renowned Sports & Leisure Village.

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Cutesy Football / Soccer Manager Roy Hodgson Stands Up for Kim Jong Un

Alex Ferguson and Kim Jong Un. One is a vicious dictator from the frozen wastes up North who is utterly brutal to friend and foe alike. The other… Oh wait sorry, it’s Roy today isn’t it?!

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