World’s First Leper Ice Hockey Tournament Breaks Off in Disarray

Yesterday’s first hockey tournament final for the leper community was a complete disaster!
The first ten minutes saw a number of unexpected face-offs; and by the time they got to half-way, it was already too difficult to pick up the pieces.
And that’s not all! In an utterly rotten match, several players just lost the head completely.

Many of the players also made vile threats, offering to tear their opponent’s ass in two, or split their skull open at the seams.
Although the referee begged the players to lend him an ear, he definitely got more than he bargained for, and he could barely handle all that they threw at him.
By the end of the match, both managers had lost face…
The players had already bust their balls, thrown a fist or two, and still ended up with practically nothing left…
And both high-flying captains had already slung their stinkin’ asses out of the stadium in disgust!

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