No Hate, No Fear! The Heartwarming Story of One Courageous Athlete Sex Offender who Rose Above the Stigma!


LAKEWOOD—A Lakewood High School multi-sport star athlete is facing charges of sexual assault following an incident alleged to have occurred in October, 2018.

Joshua “Dusty” Delroy appeared in court for his indictment surrounded by family and members of the three Lakewood High athletic programs he has led to multiple AAA state titles.

The indictment filed earlier this week contains numerous graphic details that brought Dusty’s parents to tears when read aloud in court. Dusty himself, who has been described by his coaches as “the second coming of Jim Thorpe, we’re talking both skill and athleticism in spades,” remained upbeat throughout the proceedings.

When Judge Kellog gave Dusty an opportunity to make a statement on the record, the striking young man thanked his fans, teammates, teachers, and college scouts that came out to support him and discuss early-enrollment scholarship options. “As a year-round athlete, leader, and co-president of my class, I’ve never felt so loved by my community as I have after being charged with multiple counts of sexual assault,” Dusty said…

Delroy has brought home three state swimming championships for the Lakewood Swim Club, setting several regional records in the process. His 100m Freestyle event time of 19.79’ squeaked out a W over rival Jaysson Andresen’s 19.81 while his 1:43.3 200m Fly opened a commanding lead over Andresen’s 1:45.7 to secure the team win.

Andresen faced his own legal challenges late last academic year and expressed sympathy for the Lakewood High community via the Instagram app, a demonstration of classic American sportsmanship that has sadly become rarer in these divided times.

While Dusty’s athleticism has inspired young people around the area to aim for excellence since his stunning “triple-crown” freshman year, his volunteer work in the community stands out as well. Among the youngest recipients of the Eagle Scout award in his scout troop, Delroy’s project, the “Help Combat Homelessness With Homeless Combat” program, founded a mixed martial arts league entirely managed, competed in, filmed, and distributed by people in desperate need of shelter. Citywide homelessness is down 8% this year, due to sports-related hospitalizations.

According to his legal team, the trial has impacted Dusty’s ability to attend practices and league games that are essential for post-season tournament seeding. Fortunately, he was released on a $100 bond late Friday morning to lead the Rugged Mountaineers lacrosse team to a devastating 9-1 victory over the Carrington High Tigers. A single night of poor sleep did little to slow Delroy’s trademark, quickstep rippers through heavy traffic that consistently kissed the corners of the net. His agility seduced the defense into gathering heavily to one side while he slipped through the gap to take point after point. Though Dusty has made his name with reversing his intentions at the last second, it’s not a sound strategy for those who can’t control their bodies with similar precision. This latest, career-high performance makes it clear that Delroy’s opponents can’t face him on the field and instead are forced to tear him down from the shadows. The prompt and immense response of support from this community is certain to make doubters hesitate before opening their fucking whore mouths again!

Dusty offered the press a statement while a crowd of his fellow students carried him from the field to a post-game celebration: “I’m not going to let all this [expletive] keep me from having the best [expletive] summer of my life.”

The alleged victim is a female from the area.


I’ve been unable to find out any more information about this woman. The local media are so full of sycophantic sympathy vote stuff for Dirty Dusty (did you know he might be on the verge of losing his career! Just imagine!) that I’m struggling to find anything of substance about the alleged victim and how she might be feeling right now.

… Do we see a pattern emerging here?

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