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Scarily Innovative! ‘Clean Coal’ & ‘Safe Lead’ Head US Panel at Next Week’s UN Climate Talks

Washington, DC- Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced on Friday, the White House would hold a panel on clean technology during the annual U.N. climate talks in Poland next week. “We will be featuring a number of green technologies at…

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My Short-Lived Career As A BINGO Announcer

Throughout my life, I’ve held a variety of jobs – from Sales Director to Director of Sales and everything in between. Given the chance, I could have been a superstar selling advertising, life insurance or legal research to anyone from…

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You Can Take a Hike

Lately, whenever someone invites me to go hiking, my response is usually: “You can take a hike.” That’s because, I really don’t care for hiking. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not lazy. Okay, maybe that’s a lie. But I used to…

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Never Kiss A Saber Toothed Squirrel.

It isn’t often one sees a saber toothed squirrel. Of course, it isn’t often one wants to see a saber toothed squirrel, but when one does see one it invariably leads to commentary. For instance: “Why the (bleep) does that…

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Volkwagen Emissions Scandal is No Problem

Leaders from around the world concur that the current Volkswagen emissions scandal is really not a problem. Volkswagen is a great company that adds incredible value to the global economy. We can all live with a bit more carbon dioxide.

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UN Issues Long-term Weather Forecast

Long-term worldwide weather forecast issued by the United Nations Meteorological Agency: Unsettled conditions expected for much of the planet for the foreseeable future. In particular, we anticipate further weather extremes in the middle eastern section of the globe. Since a…

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