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Happy Belated Friends Parody Day!

Glossy News has had a delay in presenting those ‘Friends Parody videos’ we promised, from various people on Youtube.

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Edgy London Soap Opera Panders to Booming Postmodernist Intellectual Market

A recent TV programme has finally cornered the crowded market of postmodern London soap operas. Millions of viewers are tuning in every week; and yet, nobody seems to have the slightest idea ‘wass goin’ on?’ in this rather bizarre and…

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Club Punishes Talk Show Audiences for Drowning out Guests with Lingering Applause

Dateline: LOS ANGELES—Investigators have uncovered a club devoted to shaming audience members of American talk shows whose clapping and other loud reactions to the guests’ remarks often drown out what the guests are saying, wasting the time of the viewers…

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News Media Confuse Viewers by Speaking as if all Oligarchs are Russian

Dateline: TENNESSEE—American corporate news media baffle viewers by presupposing that all oligarchs are Russian citizens. “You never hear CNN speak of American oligarchs,” said news media watcher Alonzo Plompus. “For some unknown reason, whenever you hear about oligarchs on cable…

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Live at the Apollo Wins ‘Worst UK Television Programme Award.’

T.V. stand up show ‘Live At The Apollo’ has picked up ‘The Worst UK TV Programme Award’ for 2017. The show’s producer Rick Earle thanked the TV audience in his acceptance speech: Ladies and gentleman, thank you so much for…

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Amsterdam Infomercials on TV at Night are Just… Wow

Returned from my Amsterdam trip last week and oh boy the things I learned. Apparently in the US, unbridled violence is just fine, while the vaguest hints of breasts are completely unacceptable. It’s a pretty weird dichotomy, but apparently, this…

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