BBC Try to Stop Offending Islamic State… & All the Other Ones Too (2/2)

Hope you enjoyed the first instalment!

Here is more pitiful bien-pensant claptrap from the BBC, following their recent flamboyantly privileged nitpicking over the term ‘Islamic State.’

The ‘Republicains’ of Sarkozy are now the ‘soi-disant Republicans,’ because some members of other parties believe that they are the true inheritors of ‘la Republique.’

BBC journalists must never speak of the Lega Nord, because the Lega Nord cannot speak for all northern Italians. Anyway, where does the North end and the South begin?

The Republican party cannot be called the GOP, because the Democrats are also fairly ‘Great’ and ‘Old.’ And you can also probably guess why some Republicans have convinced the BBC to speak of the ‘so-called Democrats.’

On an entirely unrelated note, the ‘Democratic Unionist Party’ is not particularly democratic; while Sinn Fein are hardly ‘ourselves alone,’ as they are in coalition with Unionists.

The so-called BNP are now the ‘so-called British National Party,’ as for some, their fascist bigotry is deeply un-British.

So-called UKIP have been renamed thus, because they support independence from Brussels, but not from Washington.

The Green Party are now the ‘so-called Green Party,’ because ‘green’ is being used in a purely loose, figurative and rhetorical manner which may confuse idiots and quibblers who understand the term over-literally; not unlike those who are likewise confused by the term ‘Islamic state.’

The Archbishop of Canterbury is now the ‘so-called Archbishop of Canterbury,’ because his jurisdiction extends far beyond Canterbury itself.

And the so-called Pope is also the so-called Bishop of Rome, because some Orthodox Christians do not agree with that title.

Finally, the BBC has decided to only ever refer to the ‘Scottish National Party’ by their proper name; because, as everyone knows, ‘No True Scotsman’ would ever oppose the union!


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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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