BBC Try to Stop Offending Islamic State… & All the Other Ones Too! (1/2)

The BBC, inspired and encouraged by their recent decision to rename Daesh ‘The So-called Islamic State‘ (Sinister-Teutonic-Capitals ahoy!) have invented some new equally patronizing euphemisms in order to talk down to non-Muslims too.

For a start, they are referring to the ‘So-Called Worker’s Party of Korea,’ in order to prove they have nothing against actual workers in North Korea who don’t like the Pyongyang dictatorship.

And their preconceptions regarding Taiwanese nationalists hav*e also driven them to speak of the ‘So-called Chinese Communist Party.’

Scottish, Irish & Welsh nationalists have convinced them there is only a ‘so-called United Kingdom of so-called Great Britain and so-called Northern Ireland.’

The Far Left have corrected them on the ‘Nazis,’ as the notion of a National Socialist is a contradiction in terms.

The term ‘Khmer Rouge’ is an insult to all true ‘Reds.’

The BBC also speak of the ‘so-called African National Congress,’ because Africa, pedantically speaking, is a continent and not a country.

‘So-called New Labour’ were nothing new, because there were other historical precedents for the third way. On the other hand, the BBC refuse to speak of Old Labour, because some would say Old Labour was ‘true and authentic,’ rather than ‘old.’


This shit’s getting really old, isn’t it? Still, join us next time for more of this pedantic nonsense.

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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