“Black Means Backward?!” Here’s Why Dem Man Has it In For Stormzy


If you believe everything you read from the ‘experts,’ Stormzy is nothing more than an affected luvvie, a hysterical race baiter & a deluded Communist sympathiser.

Oh, and speaking of deluded, out of touch, self-appointed ‘experts,’ does this murky guy below look familiar?

Pretty vague and unclear, even evasive photo… Bit hard to pin down, even as he’s leering at you, just before your eyes…

Conservative Party
Dem Man Setting Trends

But then, isn’t that exactly why it’s always important to take the time to peel behind the clickbait character assassination attempts and see the real person behind the innuendo?

The elites keep saying Stormzy is a race-baiter, but if you actually look at his gospel tracks, it actually radiates real authenticity and GRACE!

It’s unmistakable when you see it.

Unlike politicians and journalists, Stormzy doesn’t have to perpetually deny any human failings.

To them, authenticity and rawness and pain is a sign of weakness.

But THEY are a million times weaker than he’ll ever be.

Just look at this video: he welcomes the children, instead of pushing them away like the elites did 2000 years ago.

He is democratic and lets ALL participate as equals: he leads as a vocation and a calling, not as a right of dominion.

Anyone who refuses the summons to kneel and worship at the City of London or at Wall Street will always be lied about and smeared.

You can disagree with specific things he has said or done, but you can’t fault his authenticity.

This is sorely needed in a jaded and cynical age where so many of us constantly feel the need to fear down, but so often fall short on the pressing necessity to build up.

Dem Man HATES Stormzy and keeps trying to steal the trends he sets; because to the powers of this world, ‘Black Means Backward.’

People of Afro-Caribbean descent and sub-Saharan African lineage have kept Christianity on life support in this country; strange how so many ‘Conservative’ politicians don’t seem to see the value in this.

Is cheap labour more than the work of God?

Is human capital more than laying up treasure in Heaven?

Is the granary of Nimrod worth more than the New Jerusalem?

God himself may indeed have walked these hallowed shores 2000 years ago, but that should bring humility, not arrogance: because if there are those who squander their heritage for a bowl of broth, it will be more tolerable for others in the Day of Doom than for that nation.

Racial prejudice, conscious or unconscious, does play a role in the hounding of Stormzy; but along with that, the association of black people with ‘backward and primitive superstitions’ that get in the way of the market is clearly a big part of that racism. These two prejudices often go together, and mingle in complex ways. England has often been very cagey about perceived ‘excesses’ or ‘extremes’ of religion, and often enough, material interests lie behind such scruples, and not simply the bare desire for social order.

And how much is a false peace anyway?

Peace, peace, but there is no peace.

Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel

Ultimately, Babylon will try and keep punishing Stormzy for believing in something more than wealth and greed and power.

THIS is why we need more people of faith in the public sphere, who ain’t afraid to tell it how it is! #Paygons aka #PAGANS ain’t gonna win!

The only true #PAGANISM is GREED and LUST FOR POWER.

Some of us, however, know that there is more to life than domination and pride.

You tell ’em Stormzy!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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