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Recent Noel Coward Parody: Reflections on Social Generalisations

Right now, many countries are facing religious conflict. While many Muslims are patriotic and contribute a great deal to our societies, there will always be troublemakers in every demographic.

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Chapter 5: Dirty Videos (Honest Adolph Novel Serial, Volume I)

This is the transcript Senator Bubble made. It is the first video he watched after Sandy had just spoken with him for the very last time in her life. OTIS SPENGLER [PEDANTIC JERK!] An incredible update on the explosion in…

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The Not So Funny Side Of Satire

This morning many of us awoke to hear the news of the tragedy that occurred to a satirical news organization in France. It will take a while for the true horror of this event to register with many of us…

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Rep/Dem Hawks Approve “Moderate Islamist” Manifesto

Frustrated by what they perceive to be the dogmatism both of liberal or secular Muslims on the one hand, and hardcore political Islamists on the other, various factions of moderate political Islamism have released a joint solidarity statement. The statement…

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Fort Hood Massacre Not Terrorism, “Simply a Case of Islamic Involuntary Assisted Suicide”

This is a teachable moment in how we, as Americans, fail to understand differing cultures and values from around the world. As a Muslim, Major Hasan may have had a broader outlook on what actually constitutes assisted suicide, and we should respect that. Perhaps to Islamic sensibilities, assisted suicide in the medical profession has more of an ‘involuntary’ component than we have in the West.

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