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County Joe’s ‘Fixin’ To Die Rag’ From Woodstock Rebooted For Our Modern Iran Dilemma

Back in the height of the Vietnam era a little ditty made it onto the airwaves that protested the undeclared war in a darkly humorous way. It was called “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag” by Country Joe…

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BIG OIL OVERJOYED! 10 American Air Force Pilots Hanged for Collateral Damage

CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are currently rejoicing, as a steady torrent of excitable news broadcasts jubilantly proclaim to us all that the long-enduring myth of a ‘lack of accountability’ for American foreign policy is finally dead and buried. How…

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REGIME CHANGE! African ‘Coalition of the Willing’ Swears to Save Oppressed French, Restore Human Rights

Don’t worry, Paris: help is at hand! Your old friends, Africa, will not forget you! Human rights are universal! All oppressors who deny human rights must be crushed without mercy! Given the widespread oppression and state terror the ruthlessly violent…

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CIA Satanic Hymnbook Leak (XI): My Government, My Saviour

My Government, My Saviour, All I have belongs to you! All of your drones, soar o’er the bones, The children you have set on fire

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Trump Launches EXTRAORDINARY Expletive-Ridden John McCain Rant.

Universally admired (and hated) celebrity Twitter troll Donald J. Trump has just made an extraordinary online attack on known war hero and suspected warmonger John McCain (wait, did I get that one the right way round?!) Key Twitter highlights go…

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Israel Ruins Protesters, Commits to Ruining Own Reputation

On May 5th, the United States officially moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, sparking praise from end-of-days zealots, protests from Palestinians, and a volley of bullets and tear gas from Israeli soldiers posted on the border.

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