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O’Rourke Discovers Racism Exists

NOTE FROM WALLACE: Welcome, Jenna! Please share her story about one of the current presidential candidates! ASHUA, NH – Per an anonymous source, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke appeared “smug and contented” after the release of his op-ed revealing the…

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One Family’s Intolerance Toward Intolerance

Orange County, CA- “My grandfather was bald, so was his Da… so is mine,” Jake Collins tells me as he runs a tattooed hand across his shiny pink scalp. “It’s kinda a family trait, like diabetes, quick tempers, and tattoos,”…

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OMG! Maxine ‘Wacky Max’ Waters Channels 19th Century White English Imperial Warmongers!

We all know that racism is nothing new in human history! But have you ever stopped to consider how subtle and insidious it is? Kanye West’s meeting with the President has led to some pretty backhanded and sinister commentary from…

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Brainy Sacramento Solve Police Brutality Problem: African Americans Banned from Carrying Cell Phones!

Most of you will have seen the recent scandal where the police shot an unarmed black man multiple times in the back while he was standing in his own grandmother’s back yard, holding a cell phone that officers mistook for…

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There is Nothing More Natural than Appealing to What is Natural

Nothing morally consequential follows from ‘the natural.’ There is nothing ‘unnatural’ about mass atrocities, wifebeating, gay-bashing, anti-disabled sentiment, racism, or dying of a heroin overdose.

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My Plan to Stop Racist Bigots (A Modest Proposal)

I’m going to tolerate respectable MIC racism for decades and shout down anyone who starts imagining things and calling me a bigot. Then when my racism starts turning into genuinely indecent racism, I am going to let these ignorant right-wing…

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