“Anti-Racist” Party Warn: “Coconuts are Taking Over Parliament!”

Jez Corbyn Labour

Jez ‘Jihadi Jez’ Corbyn and his creepy, er, unbearably WOKE sidekicks, has sounded a clarion call about the threat of racism overwhelming the House of Commons. A typically tone-deaf and hypocritical Jezza has graced us with the following incoherent rant:

There is an unbearable surge of hate speech and racism coming from an arrogant gang of Coconuts, Uncle Toms, Step N Fetchits, Porch Negroes, Coons and Charlie Chans.

If we don’t want racism to become HEGEMONIC in our society (Corbyn bingo!), thereby creating a chilling effect on core topics of justice and freedom, then we need to prevent class traitors and race traitors like Priti Patel, Sajid Javid, Ben Goldsmith and Herman Cain from being allowed to spew their arrogant, hate-filled views in public.

Racism entrenches when we refuse to treat people as individuals, and instead, we view them purely in the light of simplistic stereotypes. All these disloyal, faithless idiots like Black and Asian Tories are undermining the kind of legitimate respect for differences within demographics that has made our country great; by aligning themselves with haters and bigots, they are choosing to close down free debate within society. This is completely unacceptable, and anyone who perpetrates such an atrocity has no place in our House of Commons, and must be persona non grata across the board!

The speech has been widely acclaimed, mainly because of some cunning selective editing. Most of the approval so far on Youtube has been from those who thought Corbyn was doing some good old Maoist self-crit, and finally admitting to the hypocritical bigotry of his own party…

We will have to see how far old-school antisemitism, racism and radical Marxism will get Corbyn in the next election.

Probably not very far…

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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