Random Thoughts (XVI): Race Baiting, Rapey Luvvies & Restrictive Paedophile Swoops!

Politics Corruption

Less Race, More Values?

The question of what immigration regulations there should be, and how strictly they should be enforced, are questions of values. Questions of basic morality and ethics. Unfortunately, there are elements on both the left and the right who want to make it all about race. Race divides, and it always has done. True unity comes from reaching a true accord on values. Consensus will bring true progress; identity hustling and race-baiting, whether of the left wing or the right wing kind, will NEVER bring anything positive. Only poison.

Race to the Bottom!

There is a lot of racial identity politics in South Africa still. Europeans, North Americans and Australians should be warned that if we make everything about race (or any other kind of identity), the past, present and future of SA will be our future too. The temptation to stop talking about values and get sidetracked with identity hustling is a temptation for majority individuals and minority individuals alike. Race, like all identities, is a secondary consideration: people’s true value is reflected in their morals and ethics, and their priorities, and the judgments they make about what is most to be prized and honoured in life, and what is most to be feared and shunned.


Crazy Lil Ship O’ Fools…

Stultifera navis: who is in today’s ship of fools? It is rather difficult to know where to begin. White nationalists think “race” is a more important consideration than basic values; Communists are still peddling their voodoo economics; Islamic supremacists want to revive primitive theocratic ideals; Postmodernists think science is a conspiracy against the oppressed; the Neurodiversity Lobby think debilitating disabilities should be “celebrated;” neoconservatives and liberal interventionists think you can bomb people into civilisation…

Empire of Rape

Hollywood intellectuals are part of a wider global monoculture of sleaze, nihilism, moral relativism and feelz. The empire of hedonism covers all races, all genders, all sexualities… It is not a question of demographics, but of values. Of an absence of basic morals. It is the monopoly of nobody, but it is a monopoly FOR an over-privileged few.

Creepy Conundrum…

Anyone notice how worldwide paedophile stings never seem to find anyone really important? As top scalps go, elite politicians in ‘good countries’ (now, you all know exactly what I mean!) never seem to get in any real trouble…

Abortion Mayhem!

One Youtube netizen makes an interesting point:”Isn’t it ironic that scientist seeking life on other planets would claim they found life if they found a single celled organism, yet a multi celled organism in a womb is not considered life and can be killed.”

Meanwhile, sticking a scalpel into a living person’s skull is now healthcare…

Genocide Comes to America… Economic Genocide!

Spare a thought for all this systematic persecution and economic genocide of US federal workers didn’t begin with the government shutdown. Prior to this, many of them were being systematically abused and exploited for the derisory sum of $37 an hour. Can you believe how hard it must be to survive on such starvation wages? This is a literal economic genocide! Where are the unions?????? Mandarin rights are human rights!

And finally…

Never forget your true benefactors!

Centrist Republicans and Democrats are The Government of Peace. They are devoted to social justice, equality, human rights and PEACE. And they will KILL you if you disagree!



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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