Donald Trump insists he has done more for African Americans than any other president.  Read his tweet on the subject:

“Many people don’t know this about me. Lincoln didn’t free the slaves. I DID. First thing I did behind the RESOLUTE DESK! The crooked, vile, BABY EATING Democrats gave Lincoln the credit. Why? Because NANCY PELOSI put his face on the five-dollar bill. Hell, I got my face on the BILLION DOLLAR bill and MT. RUSHMORE!”

“Some reporter asked me the other day if I win a second term who am I sticking in the first GAS CHAMBER. We got several picked out already. Different groups, you know. All the HATERS.  And you can forget about the gas chamber. They are going straight to the OVEN!!!”

“Biden wants to HURT GOD!  Somebody told me he wants to kick GOD’S ASS!  THE FATHER sent GABRIEL THE ANGEL to give me a message: ‘Don’t worry, KID.  If that schmuck tries anything, I’ll wipe the floor with him.’ MY OLD MAN WON’T TAKE SHIT FROM SLEEPY JOE!!!!!”

You all know I’m a business GENIUS! A military GENIUS and a Covid-19 GENIUS, TOO!!! The day before I freed the slaves, I sold my darkies to that IDIOT Jeff Sessions. The next day, the slaves were FREED so they took off. STUPID Jeff ate, get this, $100,000,000! Ha! Ha!  Black lives mattered a WHOLE LOT to me back then ($$$$$$$)!!!

One night I was strolling down FIFTH AVENUE when I ran into that BEYONCE and her jailbird husband J. P. whatever. I snapped my fingers in that PUSSIE’S face and pointed to the sidewalk.  That means, “On your knees NIGGER and SUCK MY DICK!!” She and her BOY took off running. I ordered BILL BARR to go after them and RUIN their lives!!! I told him NOT to HORSE WHIP them because the COONS have suffered enough!


Author: Mark Wilt

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