‘Can’t Be Arsed Getting Married’ Dude Wants You to Know IMMIGRATION is DESTROYING HIS COUNTRY!!!!!!


Some random dude who ‘just wants to live a little, same as everybody else!’ wants to know that absolutely everything wrong in his country is because of them pesky migrants! Common Glossy News Professor Smiggles investigates.

The Reverend Scrotie McScroteface, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed Duchess Attenborough, hysterically shrieks:

It’s immigration dunnit!

When asked to explain WHY all these selfish bastards are trying to provide for themselves and their family, this is the best response we could decipher…

Cos they’re all coming over here to us country ‘n’ breedin’ like rats!

OK, I assume you’ve done your bit for society as well?

Yeah mate, I’m like fighting ’em bloody immigration, an’ all em fings like that!

How many kids d’you have?

Har har har! Wadayer mean mate, I’m only 30! Gotta live a little bro, innit!

But I thought you said you wanted more immigration controls?

Oo said I wanted more immigration controls? Send ’em all back, we’re full up mate!

Do you understand why there are high immigration levels in this country?

Yeah cos it’s all them Pakis and Muslamics ‘n’ blacks control the media!

No, it’s because there are low birth rates in this country. Britons aren’t getting married and having families.

Too right, mate! Only the bloody Arabs ‘n’ Asians are ‘aving families, they’re outbreeding us! It’s bloody white genocide is that, ‘aven’t you ‘eard of it?

Ever heard of Darwin’s survival of the fittest? Why are you complaining about people doing their bit for society and keeping the country alive, while you doss about, out on the piss every night, and refuse to settle down and have kids?

Oi! Shut it, mate! I’m only 30, innit! I ‘ave the right to do what I want! My money is mine, and my time is mine; mind yer own bloody business! No point getting pinned down when I’m this young! No point being all stuffy… I can always get married in like ten years time or summert, for now I’m out for a good time, not a long time!

Well, the same is true for the idler community in general. Nature, my friend, is cruel, but she is always just. You simply cannot have it both ways. The breakdown of family life and large scale, unmeritocratic and poorly vetted immigration are a whole package. If you won’t contribute to this society by getting married, having children, curbing your spending, working harder, saving up, then other people who know how to do what you’ve forgotten will quite rightly enjoy the fruits of their labour. You have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Large scale, unmeritocratic, inconsistently and lightly regulated immigration is the INEVITABLE response to a society where nobody is geting married, and no children are being born. If large scale immigration and low birth rates come as a whole package, and yet you refuse to get married and have children, then you LOSE any right you might otherwise have had to complain about the negative impacts of freedom of movement or open borders. If people will not settle down, get married and do the same as any civilisation worthy of the name, then all their whining about large scale immigration and its downsides is just the hysterical bleaters of sore losers.

The law of natural selection dictates that if you go against nature, you will go extinct; and rightly so. Just as it you jump off the Empire State building and flap your arms, you will break your neck. I have no sympathy for people who want to behave in this idle, unproductive manner, and then bitch about the disadvantages of large scale immigration.

Yeah but they’re destroying our culture, innit!

Well, that very much depends on the migrants in question, doesn’t it? There is very much a positive side to migration, and one of them is simply this: immigrants have kept religion in this country on life support. Africans, Afro-Caribbeans, Chinese, Indians and more have helped save Christianity from extinction, as well as seeding the country with the solid value of Sikhs, Hindus, Baha’is and others. If it were up to Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Tories, this would be a country COMPLETELY destiitue of higher values, and completely delivered over to Babylon, taken captive by an even higher degree of servitude to the worldly, profane, heathen, secular market value you profess to despise.

Yer, the neoliberals! Bloody hell bruv, they’re as bad as the socialists, innit!

Well, my friend, speaking of which… You know what the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour all have have in common? They’re all out for themselves, and are not interested helping in anyone else. And you know what? Those who refuse to do their bit for others will go to the wall, and those who are prepared to make sacrifices and serve others will flourish. If you refuse to lead a responsible life, you cannot blame others who are prepared to do so.



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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