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Boys Beware – Actual anti-LGBT propaganda from 1961


Brian has done a good public service by digging up this downright creepy moral panic video from 1961. This video is wrong on so many levels: conflating “homosexuality” with underage sex, medicalizing same-sex attraction, unnecessary fearmongering…

Ridiculous. Read the full story


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Rand Paul: ‘Black & LGBT Folks? Just Try Another Bus’

Rand Paul has recently denied the legitimacy of laws forbidding discrimination against LGBT employees.

But this is not the only argument he has ever made in this vein. See this transcript of some previously unrevealed comments he made at a college.

OK. Yes, from a purely moral, or dare I say ‘moralistic’ point of view, it wasn’t very pleasant for black people to not be allowed to sit on the front of the bus.

I mean, in fairness, if some people in the USA started banning Jews, Muslims, disabled people, women, or anyone else of that general, y’know, ‘diverse’ type, then I think that would actually be kind of petty and mean-spirited!

Well, from a particular point of view, I guess. Read the full story


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Khameini Frustrated: Putin Still Friendzoning Ayatollah (2/2)

Unlike Khomeini-ite Fiqh, TULIP-flavor Calvinism, and other scientific and empirically rigorous political discourses, “nice guy” and “friendzoning” are ideological aberrations that are completely detached from reality.

Still, that didn’t stop Khameini giving it to us one last time:

I mean, there are so many jumpy, rowdy, jerk-off pricks who treat other guys really, really, REALLY badly! And Putin doesn’t mind THEM!

Read the full story


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Repentant Paisley’s Heterophobic Hate Campaign

Disclaimer: Earlier version published on TheSpoof.com. I’ve now come round to a more enlightened view of the sensitive matters in question 😉

Given the passing some months ago of Lord Bannside, it’s only fair that I inform you about one of the last interviews conducted with him…

In order to straighten me out set the record straight. Read the full story


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LGBTQQ Community Finally Exhausts Alphabet

It’s finally happened. The non-traditional sexuality and gender communities have exhausted the alphabet in their attempts to include everyone under one umbrella acronym.

Starting in the 1990s, those of different sexual persuasions started describing themselves as part of the LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community.

That designation worked for a while until some smaller marginalized minorities voiced their concerns. Read the full story


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Media Hungry Johnny Manziel says, “I’m Gay Too”

Not to be shown up in this year’s NFL’s draft, Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football has announced that he’s gay too.

After the media frenzy over the St. Louis Rams drafting the first openly gay football player Michael Sam, Manziel attempted to grab back the spotlight by screaming to the presses, “I’m gay too!” while dining out with a beautiful brunette whom he claimed was his sister and definitely not one of his many alleged girlfriends. Read the full story


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Concert Venues Legally Required to Have Separate Restrooms for Trans-Siberian Orchestra

PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael Nutter recently signed into law a piece of legislation requiring all concert venues within the Greater Philadelphia Area to provide separate restrooms for members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, sources report. Read the full story


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Report: Obama Fails to Check Privilege

The White House is on the defense after President Obama was caught failing to check his cisgender privilege at the announcement of a new cabinet appointment.

According to reports, the president referred to UN Ambassador nominee Norrie Powers as “she,” violating the general principles of respect for unique sexual identities. Powers is in fact a neutral sex, non-binary genderqueer, omnigendered, transman, pangender, aromantic, demisexual and anti-sexual transfag. Read the full story


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Trojan To Market New Product To Reduce Spread Of Idiocy

Trojan, a major manufacture of products designed to prevent the spread of sexual diseases, announced today that they have developed a human sized condom that can effectively prevent the spread of idiocy that is heard on right wing radio shows.

The product has been tested using the daily hate show of homophobe, and generally intolerant jack off Bryan Fischer, and has proven to be quite effective in reducing the impact of his words on the feeble minded.


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Furor Over Vampire-Werewolf Prom Date

May 19, 2010: Posted from a secure, undisclosed location by Glossy News South America correspondent in hiding.

In addition to the ever present mosquitoes, the air is thick with tension in this peaceful Southern town, regarding next week’s Prom. The Yagonawana County School board voted in 2007 to make provisions for attendance by home schooled graduates, but no one anticipated the firestorm now unfolding.

Home schooled Lucinda Deveraux, described by ‘Tammy’s Tans’ owner Tammy Baker as “really pretty if you like ‘em raw biscuit colored” has announced she’ll attend with escort Jude Frampton. Read the full story


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CBS to Air New “Sonny” and Cher Show

Carmel, CA (GlossyNews) — In a blast from the past, CBS is planning a new version of the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour starring recently masculated Chaz Bono as “Sonny.”

David Cassidy, who will also co-star on the show, says CBS was lucky to find a cadre of writers from the original series who are busy resurrecting what they hope will be a repeat of the original show’s success. “Yes, we are lucky and excited to be included in the CBS fall line-up. If you close your eyes it’s like you were whisked back in time when you hear it. It’s like coming home again.” Said Cassidy. Read the full story


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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Yields McCain Tell-All Backdoor Book

Senator John McCain’s fierce stance against repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law has brought about speculation of his hatred for homosexuals. While McCain cites the hardships that military members face in Iraq and Afghanistan, many others are accusing the senator of attempting to bury his own skeletons. Read the full story


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Boehner and Bobdole Reveal 13-year Marriage

Washington DC —EBBQ Today the offices of John Boehner (Bay-ner) (R–OH) revealed that Senator Boehner and former Senator Bobdole (R–KS ret.) have maintained a secret same-sex marriage for the past 13 years.

“In fact,” a Bobdole spokesperson said, “Bobdole did legally adopt Sen. Boehner at that time, as there was no state where they could legally be married. In fact they are father and son. This is a relationship that is quite familiar in the gay circles. There are whole internets set up to facilitate this type of relationship,” the spokesperson said. “It works quite well for them.” Read the full story


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