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Disney Acquires Scientology, Pushes for Billion Year Copyright

In a move surprising several, Disney-ABC Television Group lodged a hostile takeover of Scientology on Monday, acquiring the majority of outstanding shares for $3.6 billion, excluding real estate assets, a 14% premium over Friday closing value. The move affords Disney,…

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World’s Most Hated Celebs Launch a New Wave of Horrendous Nike Endorsements! Read On… If You Dare!

When Colin Kapernick joined Nike, a new ad originated: Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. This ad has led to many parodies. The meme has been noted in The Chive, The Drum and various other places online….

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Chapter 25: Just-So Stories (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Presidential nominations, generally speaking, go to those with the biggest mouth, and not the greatest intellect or grandest patriotism. But how far this may be a universal principle is something which, perhaps, remains to be seen.

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Evil Industries Imitates Scientology at Trial over Fraud

Dateline: NEW YORK CITY—

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Batshit Woo Peddler John Kerry Declares War on Lord Xenu

John Kerry is a man of the world, but now his flip-flopping has soared astronomically, to the point where it’s on a genuinely cosmic scale. Yes: no longer content with threatening the leaders of weak, divided countries in the Middle East…

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