World’s Most Hated Celebs Launch a New Wave of Horrendous Nike Endorsements! Read On… If You Dare!

When Colin Kapernick joined Nike, a new ad originated:

Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

This ad has led to many parodies. The meme has been noted in The Chive, The Drum and various other places online. It’s popular enough by now to have featured on Know Your Meme already, an interesting online inventory of popular memes.

So just for our amazing Glossy News readers, here are some of the best celebrity Nike endorsements! Like, laugh and share… Every engagement you give us definitely boosts our Google juice!

Richard Dawkins

Crushingly pompous Hyacinth bouquet wannabe Richard Dawkins takes some time off his Twitter trolling to drop a word to the wise!

Ayatollah Khameini

I was originally going to put someone else in here, instead of this fashionable 80s bear, with his absolutely scandalous long black cloak.

No idea who…

L Ron Hubbard

Not the wackiest, most far-out figure on this page by any means.

Alistair Campbell

His Twitter account is just a JOY!

Tony Blair

And last, but not least (non-executed)….

Tony Blair is still wandering abroad, dispensing his shiny pearls.

How’s Catalonia going, Tony?!

Christopher Hitchens

Oh wait, just one more! Here’s Tony’s newfound centrist wingman!

See the entire Hitchens/Sharpton debate for more! LULZ!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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