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Libertarians & GOP Demand MASS REVOLT Against UN Human Trafficking Laws!

HOW IS MUCH IS ONE LIFE REALLY WORTH?! Well, I guess we’re about to find out! Republicans and the Libertarian Party have staged a mass revolt against the UN 2019 human trafficking report. The Executive Director for the United Nations…

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GOP Disapproval at Record High, Dems Frantic to Figure Out New Losing Strategy

Congress holds record low approval ratings, but none more so than the Republicans, and none more among them than the Trump-aligned representatives. With an obvious distaste for these levels of corruption, Democrats are furiously scrambling to find new ways to…

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Rick Perry: Final Republican President, New Johnny Cash (2/2)

Last time: Ok, so we’ve had the first Black President and the final Democratic President in one go. But our nation has never really had a final Republican President, maybe that’s what we’re missing? IT WASN’T ME, IT WAS BOBBY!…

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