Chapter 22: Coloring in the Lines (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Wallace Runnymede Novel

Bubble and Adams both thought releasing their books at a joint book launch would be a good way to proceed further with their campaigns. But sad to say Bubble’s launch was an utter disaster; and equally sad to say, he appears to be a laughing stock for now.

Still, he started well; then again, the race is not to the swiftest!

Here’s the (not so?) moving anecdote he told.

Well, no; we will not make it so exact.

After, precision is the hobgoblin of small and bureaucratic minds; no narrow card-index pedant he!

Suffice to say:

  1. In his childhood, Marcus Charleston Bubble (later to be Senator, no doubt!) was saved from a burning house.
  2. This then reminds him, today, of his own book.

  3. Schoolboy error after schoolboy error; clumsy and wildly inaccurate handling of basic facts.

  4. He is reminded he is only here to read a little, because of limited time.

  5. He is dismissive and ploughs on.

  6. Then, the second page of his book, from a disreputable publisher, is missing five sentences. Bubble explodes in fury, blames others for getting the publisher wrong:

‘I thought it was White North Publishers, not White Nation publishers! It was not his fault the book had a lousy editor etc. etc. And I didn’t choose the graphics either; how is it my fault these idiots got this stuff mixed up.

You stupid, pathetic, incompetent excuse for an aide! You want to get a hug for that? Do you want me to give you a frickin’ hug, honeybuckles? You’re fired! I just don’t have time for this shit! And I tell you what, you can raise that stupid kid of yours without any maternity leave, cos you ain’t gonna be working for me any longer! I’m just about done with this crap!’

Almost everyone watching agreed that Adams had the better of the applause and cheers.

But we will hear no more of this for now!

Author: Wallace's Books