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1st Amendment Dead? Sam Harris Arrested in California for Blasphemous Hate Speech Fuelled Tirade

Renowned neuroscientist and well-meaning internet celebrity Sam Harris has been arrested for a mildly intemperate hate rant at the University of California, Berkeley.

Belligerently roaring over a mob of blue-haired bulimic pride intersexuals, iron-clad antifa anarcho-anal retentivists and jihadi jew-baiters, Harris shrieked: Read the full story


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Bob Dylan Parody (Tangled Up With Trudeau)

Early one mornin’ I was smokin’ a spliff
Couldn’t get outa bed
Wondrin’ if I’d ever changed the sheets
Or if I could still give amazin’ head

My folks said my life in Canada
Sure was gonna be tough
They never did like
PC  gender pronouns
Or authoritarian hate speech laws Read the full story


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The Woke Metropolitan Centrist’s Guide to Non-Triggering Slurs

One of the most strident and inflammatory SJW sites I’ve ever seen is ‘Not Sorry Feminism.’

SPOILER: You don’t have to be ‘sorry.’ Nobody cares!

Read the full story


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