Britain’s NHS Offers Free Racial Reassignment Surgery to Transracial Community


Following the pioneering path charted by Rachel Dolezal, the UK’s Transracial Community are finally emerging from the shadows, into the full light of day.

The steadily-growing and increasingly vocal Transracial lobby in the UK are now making full-throated demands for their rights, especially now prominent trade unions have endorsed their community.

Transracialism is a popular term for what scientists call RAD, or ‘Racial Assignation Dysphoria.’

ewIn world-leading oppressive and unjust societies such as the USA, France and Germany, many infants are unjustly saddled at birth with an entirely arbitrary and unhelpful ‘racial assignation.’

Every day, many millions of thoughtless (and at times even deeply uncaring!) parents are shamelessly collaborating with what the TRC (Transracial Community) call the RAMIC, or Racial-Assignation-Medical-Industrial-Complex…

In order to perpetuate the meaningless and entirely groundless assumption that children inevitably belong to the same race or ethnicity as their parents.

One key representative and spokesperson for the Transracial Community tells us:

As Judith Butler rightly warns us in her classic book ‘Gender Trouble,’ gender has nothing whatsoever to do with science, or morals, or ethics, or anything else. People choose their gender by ignorantly and spinelessly collaborating with the forces of oppression; gender itself is not real.

The same is true for race. If I say I identify with another race than the one to which I was arbitrarily assigned at birth, then who the hell has the right to tell me I can’t do that?

Finally, the NHS are recognizing that the Transracial Community deserve every bit of taxpayer’s money that can possibly be spared, in order to truly become who we already are, in our deepest heart of hearts.

In the meantime, I expect lots of haters to be committing violence against us with their intolerant and exclusionary speech. Every miserable day of my entire life, I’ve had people misracializing me. I can’t even register at the doctor’s without some idiot laughing at me for telling the truth. Clearly their ‘truth’ is more important than mine.

Well, no more!

The knives are already sharpening for those expressing concern at what they deem to be an inexcusable waste of taxpayer’s money.

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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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