The Woke Metropolitan Centrist’s Guide to Non-Triggering Slurs

One of the most strident and inflammatory SJW sites I’ve ever seen is ‘Not Sorry Feminism.’

SPOILER: You don’t have to be ‘sorry.’ Nobody cares!

I’ve often thought it was a parody, given the generally hilarious tone of the site; as well as their somewhat piss-poor attempt at rough-handling Roger Dubar of Satiria.

I had a good giggle looking through this ‘mildly Stalinistic’ list of verboten vocabulary (OK, maybe ‘mild’ is not quite the operative word here! But I won’t be the one to say it!):

Lesser known slurs will come with a single warning. These tend to include mostly ableist slurs. Words used to insult intelligence or trivialize or insult mental illness are not okay. Here’s a partial list (trigger warning):






After getting a right royal rogering from the reams and reams of swivel-eyed tolerance up for grabs, I found out that someone else had some good ideas:

I have read your comments policy about slurs against cognitively impaired people but don’t think you’ve gone far enough, particularly given your examples of acceptable ones:
shitty: ableist against incontinent people
worthless: triggering for kids from abusive families
terrible: competentnormative
soggy lampshade: kinkshaming
fucked up: normalnormative”

This is quite good!

I would also recommend:


Oppressive to the incel, MRA, MGTOW and Islamic fundamentalist communities.


Offensive to Nazis, the Alt-Right, and the gluten-intolerant community.


Offensive to the working class; preferably the right kind of non-Brexit-voting, non-beer-drinking, non-Sun-reading, football-hating demographics.


Oppressive to self-abusers and other oppressed, marginalised and even-up-to-today, radically unrecognised sexual minorities. See also ‘wanker.’


See wanker and tosser. Also potentially auto-homo- and auto-heterophobic (fuck those guys! Let’s stick with auto-autisto-trans-racial-homo-otherkin-phobic).


Offensive to the dead community, as well late-stage Ebola and CJD communities; self-diagnosed or otherwise.

Also, please don’t be accusing anyone of spreading bullshit, as this enforces an utterly insane clusterfuck of non-coprophilia-normative and sapionormative prejudices against various kink, fetish and otherwise victimised sexual dissident communities.

There! I miss anything?

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