But I’m Oppressed! (SPOILER: No You’re Not!) (4/4)


Cultural appropriation is when a dominant and imperialistic culture steals the culture of another culture or sub-culture, without acknowledging it.

Y’know, like the Quran ‘helpfully borrowing’ stories from Jews and Christians.

Or the Neo-Confucians adopting and transforming Buddhist and Daoist ideas without credit.

Or Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea and many other countries adopting the foreign Western ideology of Marxism.



Well, anyway.

You are NOT oppressed because there are black men eating tacos in your Ivy League university cafeteria.

(How many GENUINELY oppressed people do you know with educational opportunities like yours?)

Maybe we can just finish off with these:

Oh, wait (again!)

One last thing.

Just a helpful reminder for y’all…


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