But I’m Oppressed! (SPOILER: No You’re Not!) (2/4)


You are not oppressed because you get manspreaded against.

(What the hell does that even mean, anyway?!)

Manspreading is one of the ultimate victimless crimes.

The fact that it’s illegal doesn’t make it a crime in any remotely meaningful sense.

It’s no wonder the Urban Dictionary folks all found it so ridiculous!

Also, there is a perfect scientific basis for it.

There are women who will never be able to lead a normal life because their vaginas have been cut off, or they have been correctively raped for being lesbians, or they are about to be stoned or beheaded for having a child out of wedlock.

If manspreading is the most oppressive thing you’ve ever experienced as a woman, I’d say you’re probably doing OK.

Oh, and worst of all!

Don’t even get me started on mansplaining…


No, seriously!

Just shut up.

I’ve had enough…


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