Equality for Women is Oppressive, and Hurts All Women, All the Time (Another Eva Luxemburg Wokepost)


This was recently found posted on the door of a/the ethically sourced vegan quinoa cafe(s) in a progressive metropolitan student campus.
Personally I think it’s a crock of typical vulgar-pomo intellectual garbage; but then again, Que Sais-Je?
What would I know?
Liberalism is the most misogynistic ideology on earth.
Coded sexism like ‘lock her up’ appeals to bourgeois logocentric essentialist Enlightenment norms of ‘equality under the law,’ thereby implying that there is something somehow ‘progressive’ about women being treated equal to men.
However, this equivalence between women and men can only be oppressive, as it relies upon the hegemonic logic of postmodern capital and of absolute exchange value, rather than use value, which is far more emancipatory; (as the niqabi community already know).
True anti-capitalist societies like North Korea, Iran and Canada view women purely in terms of use value; Trudeau’s arm candy, Iranian hijab choice, North Korean’s steadfast repudiation of glass ceiling feminism and of other racist, homophobic, Islamophobic ideas.
we want to stop the patriarchy(ies) from oppressing women, we first of all need to abolish the logic of late-capitalist capital (in a meta-logical manner), along with its its deeply tendentious, tautologous and redundant weaponization of implausible analogy and false equivalence.
The only way to make women even more equal to men than men are to men, is to abolish equality completely.
Equality under the law was invented by dead white men; so quite obviously, in order to make women more equal, we have to get rid of anything dead white men used to keep straight middle class white women like me down.
It’s time to stop ethnocentric criticism of Burma, North Korea, the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia.
In these countries, individualism and humanistic garbage is not accepted.Group rights are the only rights in existence.
Ask not what I can do for others; ask only what society can do for me!
It’s time to finally bring the hammer down on gender equality!
The future of all straight white middle class metropolitan females depends upon it!
Eva Luxemburg

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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