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How YOU TOO Can Help Glossy News Grow (As We Prepare to Finally Roll Out Our Rewards and Incentives Program!)

Wow! Quite a lot of stuff under the ‘Editorials and Announcements’ user name in the past month or so.

The Glossy News home page keeps a running tally of how many articles each account has published in the past 30 days. Read the full story


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New Incentives and Rewards Scheme Coming Soon!

Although I have been writing and otherwise helping out here for a while, I have held the formal position of sub-editor since January 2017; apart from a brief hiatus at the beginning of 2018, I’ve been here ever since! Read the full story


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Final Two Friends Parodies Tomorrow! Plus Some News Media Parodies…

Thanks for your patience; it took me a while to get the final two instalments fixed up.

Read the full story


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Several More IT Articles Tomorrow: Plus a Very Special Poem! (SNEAK PREVIEW)

Whew! How was that?

As promised, I posted more today from the Medium journal that is being phased out and redistributed here on Glossy News: IT Emperor!

Several more articles will follow tomorrow, Friday December 15; as well as the very special satirical poem I promised.

Here’s a quick taster of :

The Brotherhood of Evildoers

(An Ode to the Empire of Misplaced Righteousness)

Cain is great

O Cain is good!

Join our ancient Brotherhood

Elder Nimrod hunts with might

Pursues his prey til break of night

Aye, and further still!

A good old-fashioned satire, in the 18th and 19th century style?

You decide! If you’re thirsting after something of that kind, you can of course check In Syria Did Cameron, a parody of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s high school and university favourite: Kubla Khan. If you want intelligent satire, The Satirist is certainly a good publication to read!

Image attribution:

Wilhelm Groß [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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The End of IT Emperor, and a Turbo-Boost for Glossy News

Thanks for reading some of the recent social media and IT articles we’ve posted recently. Read the full story


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Exciting Interview Series Coming Soon! Lot of Thoughtful Satirists…

Just a quick heads-up here! A while back, I did some interviews with some satirists on the hot topics of satire, offence, and freedom of speech.

We have: Read the full story


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How Did I Get our Facebook Page to Take Off? Advice for Bloggers…

It’s very important for satire sites to get a page on Facebook.

So it’s not surprising that Glossy News has our own Facebook page. (Don’t forget to like it, after you’ve shared this article!)

But for quite a while, our stats were poor. Read the full story


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Wacky Friends Parodies (II): Strange Friends

Yesterday, we featured Marca Blanca’s Friends parody video; all about the Third Reich!

This time, it’s about some actual friends; not enemies! Read the full story


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To Tag or Not to Tag? Hashtags, Facebook, & Your Satire Site Fan Page

Many satirists not only have a website, but also a fan page on Facebook. 

For some, using hashtags might seem a no-brainer for increasing the reach of their fan page; and thus, ultimately, of their site. Read the full story


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