Glossy News Ties to the Gaddafi Regime and Bo Xilai: Should Y’all be Worried???

Has the media been infiltrated by special interests?

Are shadowy figures calling all the shots?

Or is this just a thing of fantasy?

You decide!

I’m going to ‘fess up and show you some of the recent correspondence I’ve had with the allegedly-existent daughter Aisha Gaddafi, which ploughed up in my spam inbox for some entirely explicable reason.

Then we got some real MILFY magic from the Xilai Dynasty too! Just amazing…

Dear Friend,

I came across your e-mail contact prior a private search while in need of
your assistance. My name is Aisha  Gaddafi a single Mother and a Widow with
three Children. I am the only biological Daughter of late Libyan President
(Late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi).

I have investment funds worth Twenty Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand
United State Dollar ($27.500.000.00 ) and i need a trusted investment
Manager/Partner because of my current refugee status, however, I am
interested in you for investment project assistance in your country, may be
from there, we can build business relationship in the nearest future.

I am willing to negotiate investment/business profit sharing ratio with you
base on the future investment earning profits.

If you are willing to handle this project on my behalf kindly reply urgent
to enable me provide you more information about the investment funds.

Your Urgent Reply Will Be Appreciated.

Best Regards
Mrs Aisha Gaddafi

Then we had the wife of Bo Xilai:


I am Gu Kalai, wife of former Chinese Top Politician Bo Xilai. I have a huge amount I intend to give to Charity around Europe, reply if You are Interested in helping me distribute the said amount into Charities. This will not affect your present Job or Career in anyway, it is an avenue to earn extra income as you will be give a Commission. This will be 100% Legal and Risk Free, I anticipate your early reply.

100% legal and risk free! Sounds good! Where can I sign up???

Image from Pixabay.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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