UNDUE SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE??? Pope Francis Endorses Corbyn as UK PM!

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Scandal-plagued, sexually questionable Scientologist sympathiser Pope Francis has recently found out that radical activism brings strange bedfellows. He has now given an edgy endorsement to flamboyantly bitter career politician Jeremy Corbyn, widely considered discredited on account of the Labour party’s weird taste in music, antisemitic conspiracy-mongering and inflammatory ‘Jewish privilege and internalised goyphobia’ workshops.

In fairness, we’ve been here before. It’s not the first time a highly controversial figure has endorsed the closet Blairite affectionately known to party comrades as ‘Jihadi Jez,’ as a famous Sky News article from the ‘bias neoliberal Murdoch Press’ (sic) has noted. Past celebrity nihi obstats have included:

White supremacist nutball “Dr” David Duke

On-the-Turn, Crusty, Sub-Mosleyite White Pride Larper Nick “Captain Codeye” Griffin

Wacko Hard-White Snowflake Rags Daily Stormer and Occidental Observer (with a stunning guest appearance from failed anti-Zionist edgelord Linda Sarsour)

A typically infallible Frankie goes to Islingtonwood decrees thusly (excuse the occasionally somewhat faulty translation and its occasional inexcusable lapses into Espanglish, as these do at least bring a certain raw and rugged authenticity into the text):

Now the United Kingdom it is a very influential country, with a history very long in the faith. But the rise of the uncontrolled free markets and of the uncritical worship of the money and of the throwaway culture, it has contributed to tarnishing this heritage completely. I cannot speak for the soul of Jeremy Corbyn, because so often, we mortal beings only regard the externals, yet it is God alone who knows who truly has the faith, or has not. One thing, it appears to me, is clear: regardless of whether he considers himself atheist or among the faithful, yet in terms of his policies, Jeremy Corbyn, he is the only true Christian leader among the political parties of the Britain and indeed of the Europe of our days.

Religious Diversity Attitudes

Jeremy Corbyn’s attitude towards the religious tolerance has drawn great sighs of admiration from the Vatican, as it reminds us of the good old days, in medieval Christendom, when Britain had the correct attitude towards Jews, before the disruptive and chaotic free-thinkers of the Enlightenment and of the Industrial Revolution distorted the true values of Christian Britan and Europe.

Kindom of God

Order, Not Division

Likewise, many of Corbyn’s policies are against not only the gay lobby but against all kinds of the lobbies, he wants to unite everyone around a common purpose and to completely bring the characters divisive and opportunistic and scandalous to heel, something also that many past Popes they have also considered a non-negotiable cornerstone of the social justice.

Virtuous Speech, Not Just Free Speech

Furthermore, Corbyn has not bought into the Satanic lie that freedom of speech is an end in itself, something of merely intrinsic value; on the contrary, he correctly recognises, as so many pious bishops of Rome has done, that freedom of speech must serve the greater good, and is not something that exists, as it were, by itself, without regard to the consequences of said speech.

Against Shallow Loyalties

Jeremy Corbyn consider himself not a citizen of the UK, but a defender of the oppressed all around the world. Not unlike my humble self, I am happy to consider myself the brother of all my widely downtrodden and persecuted brothers and sisters, be it the Marxists persecuted in Indonesia and Taiwan, or Hamas and Hezbollah in so much of the Middle East, or the Aum Shinrikyo faithful, so cruelly libelled and slandered as ‘terrorists’ by the provincial, introverted Japanese state.

Authority, not Anarchy

Finally, Jeremy Corbyn understands better than any leader that the masses are gullible, uninformed and naive, and just as it would have been an utterly obscene act of treachery to let mere unlettered peasants read the Scriptures in the golden age of Britain; so also Corbyn understands as well as any of the greatest heroes of our Vatican that knowledge is power, and if power is to remain uncorrupted, pure and unimpeachably virtuous, then the defiling hands of ignorance, stupidity and stubbornness must never be allowed to lay hands upon truth, upon knowledge, upon wisdom; and it is for precisely this reason that we can ON NO ACCOUNT permit those who hate the truth, or who do not have the capacity, to lord it over those who are more virtuous, more wise, more properly cultivated. And it is precisely for this very reason that I have no hesitation in endorsing Jeremy Corbyn for the next leader of the United Kingdom.

I speak to you in all purity of spirit, thinking nothing of my own interests nor the interests of the Roman Catholic Church, but merely of the greater good of all the humanity, and of all the created things also. And I am trusting that in the return, he will consider the Canterbury issue that which has been sadly ‘off the table,’ if you will, for rather a long time. Yes, this would be the best, most selfless, altruistic thing he could do to serve our entire human family, and to diminish and cripple the greedy pursuit of the wealth, and of the arbitrary power.


Jez Corbyn Labour

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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