T-Rex & Me: & a Naughty Missile Conspiracy in Iran!



Glossy News (pop us a like here!) has been buzzing over the whole controversial missile attack that widely loathed ‘old school conservatives’ (neocon warmongers) Mike “Manky Mike” Pompeo and John “Armchair Johnny” Bolton are conveniently attributing to Iran. I can’t speak for everyone at our site, including those who have written on this topic, but I think it’s interesting that if US intel creeps say something, it’s automatically true, but the same is not true of ‘bad countries.’ And there is a pretty shady history of fake intel in the US, just like pretty much every other country (or big superpower!) you can imagine Either way, there’s a lot to make merry with these days. rfreed urges caution before jumping the ‘gun,’ as it were. I’ve had my fun with Armchair Johnny here. ‘Fake news Iran tanker’ currently brings up 12 million results on Google, such as NYT and NBC; whether the search results are relevant to the discussion or not, nobody can exactly prove Iran wasnt behind the tank, but you do kind of wonder how much substance Bolton and Pompeo’s story has, as well as how long Trump can hold off the hissing of his napalm whisperers. Either way, this is a pretty lively topic right now… Feel free to submit your work via our feedback page on the homepage.

So here’s T-Rex again!

He is naughty, isn’t he!

Iranian conspiracy

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