PEACE IN OUR TIME! Biden Peace Plan Out-Trumps Trump

Sleepy Joe Biden

Sleepy Joe Biden is no dopey dozer, as it just so happens he’s produced a tremendous Israel/Palestine peace plan that is rubble-streets ahead of even the controversial Trump/Kushner one!

In an almost empty stadium in Pennsylvania with almost 100 000 people attending, the flamboyantly delusional, highly excitable and controversial Donald Trump wannabe hysterically screamed:

We choose peace over war! We choose love over hate! We choose credible policies over success!

Pausing for effect and ecstatic at the screaming crowd, Biden shrieked:

How about this! We need to end the endless death-spiral of violence. But the problem is, everyone is just too damn partisan right now. I’m Israeli, I’m right and you’re wrong. I’m Palestinian, I’m right and you’re wrong. So instead of that nonsense, we need some proper common sense solutions. So here’s my proposal: how about finding a comfortable middle ground! Instead of letting the Israeli army OR Hamas monopolize the narrative, how about:

1. We let Hamas kill the Israeli army and Israeli civilians, IF they want.

2. We let the IDF and civilians kill Hamas back, IF they want.

Oh, and you know the REAL genius of this?

Not only is it 100% evenhanded and thoroughly free of partisan bias…

But the killing is even optional! I mean, hell, we might as well appeal to the better nature of Hizbollah, instead of constantly haranguing them and being judgmental! So we’re putting the ball in their court, instead of talking down to everyone concerned like all these angry, arrogant, entitled rich white males like Trump and Bush!

This is the END of hi-information, intellectually superior American leadership! Vote Biden 2020, for common sense, middle of the road compromises on ALL issues!

Media responses globally have been lukewarm at best at Biden’s latest WTF moment.

Meanwhile, Israelis and Palestinians are confused about what exactly is new about this groundbreaking peace strategy.

But Sleepy Joe is trying his best to reassure us; cos that’s what he does best!

No need to reinvent the wheel. It’s always better to build on something that already exists and tweak it a bit. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! BIDEN LANDLIDE 2020!!!!!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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