Professor Smiggles Sucks all The Joy Out of Freddy Mercury

Professor Guru Angus Lenn(on/in)vedanta Smiggles of the Social Constructionist String Theory Department in Bushmills Metaphysical College has recently taken time out from the Gang of Sneers book series, in order to educate the benighted and unwashed masses on just how unreflective their music listening has been up to now. Read more Professor Smiggles Sucks all The Joy Out of Freddy Mercury


Chapter 22: Coloring in the Lines (Honest Adolph, Volume III)

Bubble and Adams both thought releasing their books at a joint book launch would be a good way to proceed further with their campaigns. But sad to say Bubble’s launch was an utter disaster; and equally sad to say, he appears to be a laughing stock for now. Read more Chapter 22: Coloring in the Lines (Honest Adolph, Volume III)


Is There a Libertarian Sensibility?

Medium is a great place to find interesting journals.

And I’ve been running UniLib Journal (Universal Libertarianism) for quite some time.

We’ve got some great writers!

But my economic views are not necessarily that similar to the economic right or left; I really think there is a poverty of imagination across the board right now. Read more Is There a Libertarian Sensibility?


Several More IT Articles Tomorrow: Plus a Very Special Poem! (SNEAK PREVIEW)

Whew! How was that?

As promised, I posted more today from the Medium journal that is being phased out and redistributed here on Glossy News: IT Emperor!

Several more articles will follow tomorrow, Friday December 15; as well as the very special satirical poem I promised.

Here’s a quick taster of :

The Brotherhood of Evildoers

(An Ode to the Empire of Misplaced Righteousness)

Cain is great

O Cain is good!

Join our ancient Brotherhood

Elder Nimrod hunts with might

Pursues his prey til break of night

Aye, and further still!

A good old-fashioned satire, in the 18th and 19th century style?

You decide! If you’re thirsting after something of that kind, you can of course check In Syria Did Cameron, a parody of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s high school and university favourite: Kubla Khan. If you want intelligent satire, The Satirist is certainly a good publication to read!

Image attribution:

Wilhelm Groß [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons