DON’T MISS ‘EM! A Selective Look at Our Writers & Their Amazing Books


Over the years, Glossy News has had too many amazing authors to count! So it’s really hard to squeeze ’em in. But here are just a few highlights. Don’t forget, please, that our Glossy News satirists have full license to promote their work for free here, as much as they want. We do need to just space out advertizing though, so we can mainly focus on satire: I can obviously schedule accordingly.

I’m taking a bit of a liberty with posting the following, as I haven’t consulted anyone: I trust it will all be taken in the spirit intended. We have plenty of great writers, past, present, future: let’s-a-go!

The Alaska Papers

This is intriguing, and sums it up pretty well without giving any spoilers:

A humorous take on a humorous state using a humorous state of mind.

This is pretty damn tantalizing, and I can really recommend rfreed with confidence, and pretty much anything he’s written.

Evil Genius

Benjamin Cain is quite possibly the closest thing we have to a living genius at Glossy News, and we are extraordinarily fortunate to have him! There is some real competition there too. Have a look at his wacky books, which bring in plenty of speculative fiction and genre concerns: a true master of fusion-and-illusion!

Laurels and Laughs

Swan Morrison is an ACTUAL award-winning writer. When writers raise the bar, it’s always great. ‘Judgment Day’ sounds like a real witch’s brew of just about everything! I’m often fond of Mahler’s saying ‘A symphony should be like a world… It should contain everything.’ Well, some novels are like that too!

Tim Jones has some real laugh-out-loud stuff, and his style can best be described as ‘poised yet provocative.’ Among other things, he’s contributed to a punchy graphic creation about the flamboyantly controversial US leader, who has sent many ripples across America and indeed the entire world.

Swiftian Satire, Profound-ish Poetry

Finally, my free book deals are almost over! Catch ’em today! I particularly recommend ‘The Braying Angel: Twelve Hours on the Pathway.’ Not my best work ever, but pretty damn course! … But how well does it compare to others? I guess that’s for you to decide! 😉

So, are you a Glossy News writer? Feel free to promote your projects here any time! Or if you’re a budding satirist and just haven’t got your foot in the door yet, try submitting some satire, and then you can enjoy the benefits of promoting your work on our top quality humor site! WE’RE WAITINNNNNNGGGGGGG…. 😉

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