Just for a Change! Formal Verse Poetry (This is HEADY Stuff!)

Poetic solitude

Augustinian Lament (Redemption’s Dawn)

The one who loves and loses dies, but yet shall live.

That spring so long ago, and yet so near…

It was was neither truth, nor was it delusion; it was God’s plenty, as all true companionship once and ever more shall be.

Raise this sober vessel to absent friends.

I shall not drink the blood of the vine, but this brew of fond nostalgia and affection may serve as our immemorial bond, as the Most High thus may please himself.

He who loves may yet still see the Father.

He who clings to darkness shall not see the Father, for the truth has not abided in him.

The judgment, then, is this, as we truly testify:

Cling to the Undying Light, and the Light will cling to you.


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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